Cuco Valoy: “We put on our pants so that the Dominican Republic would have a legal regime”

Santo Domingo. DR

Cuco Valoy shakes nostalgia. Her move to the United States, three decades ago, makes her gigantic. And she flutters more if he steps on her little piece of land again, Dominican Republic, where he was born 85 years ago. Tuesday night, when he received a tribute from the Ombudsman at the Jaragua hotel, was one of those days full of memories and emotions for him and his audience.

The legendary musician starred in a historic concert in which he recalled live stellar moments as part of the soul of Dominican popular music. And also as a sentinel in defense of the freedoms of the Dominican people.

Cuco is not only a musical symbol. His strong political positions against the regime of Joaquín Balaguer (1966 to 1978, and 1986 to 1996) and in defense of democracy they raise him to a high patriotic category.

“The youth of those times put on our pants so that the Dominican Republic would have a rule of law,” He commented in the middle of his presentation with an orchestra of a dozen musicians and directed by his son, Ramón Orlando.

Cuco is the faithful Dominican of the diaspora, who lives abroad, but has his mind and his heart in his country.

Always aware of the sociopolitical situation, he feels that contrary to past years, the Dominican Republic is currently experiencing a moment of hope.

“Now, although there are a few things, I think that the doors are opening and I live in the United States, with my heart here, and what was said two or three years ago is now being said less or perhaps not being said, so there is hope, on the way”.

The interpreter of the Tribe celebrated that the changes he always longed for are taking place. At one point he thought he was going to die and he was not going to see “the new dream day, but now there is an awakening and although death is telling me Cuco, it is like looking at me, and I tell him: – hold on, hold on because the The country is progressing where I want it to”.

However, he issued his warning to the public present: “Gentlemen, we have to avoid returning to the era when one opened the doors of his house and there were signs that said: – in this house Trujillo is the boss.”

Musical themes. Cuco Valoy brought to the stage a handful of his store of music, above all merengue, salsa and son. There was no lack of “Carnival Fruits” or “Juliana”. Other titles: “Pasitocolombiano” and “El judgment” and “La maldita cola”. Henry García also accompanied him singing classics such as “Micharén”, “Sisi empress, Ricardo emperor” and “Nació varón”.

Event. The “Gala for fundamental rights” was held within the framework of the first anniversary of Pablo Ulloa’s term as Ombudsman.

“Tonight we are going to recognize a man who has stood out for his participation fighting for the rights of Dominicans,” said Ulloa prior to the delivery of the recognition plaque.

Attitude. Although nostalgia prevailed, during the event Cuco was also a joker even with himself, and a tremendous dancer all night, even with one of the dancers. He also has a prodigious memory.

Emotional. The musician was shocked by the murder of Orlando Jorge Mera, Minister of the Environment. To the homeland, he said, they ripped “a good man” from his arms.

The artistic show was produced by María Victoria Guerrero and among other elements it had a body of dancers directed by Pablo Pérez.