Culture and history of shows in Alsace and


The multiple facets of the culture and history of entertainment in Alsace and Lorraine from 1871 to 1946 are linked in this work with pivotal moments in Franco-German history. Changes in mentality, changes in the material environment, changes in the arts, sciences and techniques crystallize in the shows. The book shows how the different forms of artistic expression – architecture, parades, ceremonies, theater, music hall, classical music, cinema, radio, café, fair, circus – have communicated, despite wars and ideologies, two sides of the border. A fiercely contested border region for nearly a century thus saw not only the confrontation but the interpenetration of two national cultures. The constitution of Alsace-Lorraine as a specific “Germanic” entity, the feeling of regional identity (“Alsatian” and “French Lorraine”) therefore paradoxically prepared the Franco-German rapprochement and the creation of a European political community.


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