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Wreaths are laid there during all commemorative and patriotic events. But in 2 020, the monument to the Dead of Boulay-Moselle did not know its usual hours of glory, all the demonstrations having been canceled for the reasons which one knows.

The monumental sculpture, composed of two huge blocks of stone stacked on top of one another, is the work of a 1is Grand Prix de Rome (1952), Claude Goutin, born in Nancy in 1930 and died in 2018. It represents pain, a strong symbol corresponding to the symbolic objective of the work.

A few years ago, to facilitate access to the town hall for people with reduced mobility, great means were employed: using jacks, the statue was advanced on its base to create at the back of the statue. there is sufficient space for the passage of a wheelchair or, where applicable, a stroller.

The plan to attach a plaque to the monument mentioning the names of Boulageois who fell during the wars of the twentieth century has so far been unsuccessful.

Claude Goutin leaves behind monumental works such as the statue of La Fayette in Metz.  Photo archives RL / Anthony PICORE

Works throughout Lorraine

We owe to Claude Goutin, in our region, a dying fighter in Boulay in 1961, The forest in Lunéville in 1962, The physical effort and the momentum of youth in Nancy in 1962, The mountain in the same town in 1963, a Water game in Lunéville in 1974, The cliff in Vandeuvre-lès-Nancy in 1975, a Tree of Life in the same town in 1979. Closer to us, River in Montigny in 1964, The plant in the same municipality in 1970, Leaf in Maizières-lès-Metz in 1969, a Sunrise in Thionville in 1975, The water cycle at the Saint-Jacques center in Metz in 1975, Contained Force at the Cattenom plant in 1987, a fountain in front of the Lorraine regional council in 1990, a General de Gaulle in Amnéville in 1994, a bust of Marianne for Montigny in 2003 and his La Fayette on horseback at the Jardin Boufflers in Metz in 2004. The This model was modeled twenty years earlier and Claude Goutin had to wait until 2004 to produce his masterpiece: a certain Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, leaving Metz towards his heroic destiny: to help the American insurgents at war for their freedom. This 5 m high statue, funded by the City of Metz and the regional council, can be admired in the Boufflers Garden.
The artist died in 2018. A square bears his name in Montigny-lès-Metz.


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