Cuneo remains in the center-left, Patrizia Manassero will be the first mayor

Patrizia Manassero will be the first mayor of Cuneo. The former senator of the Democratic Party and deputy of the outgoing mayor Federico Borgna wins the ballot over the center-right candidate Franco Civallero.

In the first round, at the head of the center-left coalition (Democratic Party, Centro per Cuneo, Crescere Insieme and Cuneo solidale), Manassero, 61, had stopped at 46.95%, the center-right candidate Civallero, an entrepreneur with his first experience in policy, had not reached twenty percent (19.84%).

Clear victory for the former deputy mayor. From the first results of the ballot, the strong advantage over the opponent Franco Civallero was evident. With three sections scrutinized out of 55, Patrizia Manassero’s percentage was 64.3% against Civallero’s 35.7.

A large gap that was gradually confirmed with the arrival of the results of the ballots in the other polling stations. With the partial of 6 sections out of 55 Patrizia Manassero ahead with 1014 votes compared to Civallero’s 674.

Shortly after midnight the new update with 11 sections out of 55: Manassero 63.12% and Civallero 36.88%. A result gradually consolidated (15 sections out of 55: 61.92 against 38.08). With 31 sections completed in the counts Manassero 62.69 and Civallero 37.31. Towards the final count. With 45 out of 55 polled seats Manassero 61.81 and Civallero 37.19. And the partial 50 out of 55: Manassero 63.04 (9536 votes) against Civallero’s 36.96% equal to 5592 preferences. The definitive: Patrizia Manassero 63.31% equal to 10467 preferences while Franco Civallero closes with 36.69% (6067 votes).