Cup holder Racing Genk is too big for amateur club Winkel Sport | Croky Cup 2021/2022

Racing Genk has not dropped any stitches in the cup. During a visit to Winkel Sport, the cup holder got off to a slow start, but once under steam, the amateur club was a bird to the cat. Genk made the difference with 4 goals in 10 minutes before half time and added 2 more in the final phase. “It will have to become clear whether this is liberating, but it is a relief,” says Genk coach John van den Brom.


  • 34′ Ugbo 0-1 (pen)
  • 36′ Arteaga 0-2
  • 38′ Arteaga 0-3
  • 44′ Paintsil 0-4
  • 80′ Ugbo 0-5
  • 87′ Take 0-6

4 goals in 10 minuten

After 5 consecutive defeats, cup holder Racing Genk could not afford another misstep. There had to be won on the field of Winkel Sport from Eerste Nationale. Van den Brom threw his team quite a bit. Of the eleven who started against Ghent last Sunday, only Sadick and Arteaga remained standing. Leysen was allowed to make his debut in goal.

We were immediately shown one-way traffic in Sint-Eloois-Winkel, but that did not result in many played opportunities for Genk. Winkel Sport held up well, although the amateur club did see goalkeeper Kudimbana drop out. It was only after more than half an hour that the home team cracked. Ugbo was knocked down in the box and converted the eleven meter himself: 0-1.

The Genk train had suddenly left, because barely 2 minutes later Arteaga could already double the lead. After a nice play on the left, he overtook substitute goalkeeper Galens with a shot into the short corner. Another 2 minutes later, the Mexican appeared in front of goal again and again gave Galens the score: 0-3.

The spring was broken at Winkel Sport and before half time the home team conceded a fourth goal. This time it was Paintsil who was allowed to celebrate. After a difficult start, Genk made the difference with 4 goals in 10 minutes.

Toma’s world goal completes Genk’s party

Genk had already rested on dry land and it showed in the redundant second half. Winkel Sport wanted to make something of it and even forced a few chances. Kudimbana, brother of the unfortunate goalkeeper, missed the best and Debouver unsuccessfully claimed a penalty after being tapped in the box.

Around the hour, the eagerness at Winkel Sport almost resulted in the honour-saver. Leysen had to give in after a free kick, but the 1-4 was disallowed for offside. Genk no longer insisted. Only substitute Trésor caused a threat for a while, his deviated shot narrowly went over.

Still, in the final phase, it was still fixed figures for Winkel Sport. After mishaps in the home side’s defense, Ugbo came face to face with Galens and the striker didn’t miss his second of the evening. Shortly before the end, Toma put the icing on the Genk cake with a world goal. His bang in the intersection was untenable for Galens.

Van den Brom: “This is what we needed”

  • Tobe Leysen (goalkeeper Racing Genk): “In the beginning, Winkel Sport put in a good block and we struggled to get through. After the 0-1, the other goals followed quickly and we could easily play them out of context. The cup is one of our three goals, so it’s important that we get a nice win here. That gives confidence, hopefully we can now build on this. In the second half we slowed down a bit, but that can happen. We eventually end up at 0-6, so we can be satisfied. I didn’t have much work, but what I had to do went well.”
  • John van den Brom (trainer Racing Genk): “To get out of the trouble we were in, you need a game like this. This match came at the ideal time. The boys have done very well. It was a different team than the past few weeks, but a number of boys took the opportunity to show themselves. I saw smiling faces again, including on myself. That was a while ago. All is not forgotten and forgiven with this, but this is what we needed. It’s nice that we scored 6 goals. We had chances and also scored great goals, at the right moments. It remains to be seen whether this is liberating, but it is a relief.”
  1. second half, minute 90. End. Racing Genk has not dropped any stitches in the cup. On a visit to amateur club Winkel Sport, the cup holder recorded a smooth 0-6 victory. Ugbo (2x), Arteaga (2x), Paintsil and Toma provided the Genk goals. .
  2. second half, minute 89. This must be the best goal of this cup evening. Simon Bossuyt on Radio 1.
  3. second half, minute 89 match finished
  4. second half, minute 86. World goal by Toma. What a goal from Toma! With a lovely bang in the intersection, he widens the Genk lead a little further. .
  5. second half, minute 79. Ugbo makes his second. The lump sum figures are a fact. Ugbo comes alone for goalkeeper Galens after missteps in the defense of Winkel Sport and the striker does not miss his second of the evening. .
  6. second half, minute 71.
  7. second half, minute 68. At Genk they think it’s enough. Winkel Sport is given the space, but the home team does little with it. It is Debouver who tries to lead his team. .
  8. second half, minute 67. There is Genk again with an attempt by substitute Mike Trésor. His deviated long shot just goes over. .
  9. second half, minute 60. Disallowed goal. Winkel Sport can still take Leysen on a free kick, but the goal is disallowed for offside. The search continues for the savior of honor for the home team. .
  10. second half, minute 56. No penalty for Winkel Sport. Winkel Sport still wants to make something of it in a possibly unnecessary second half. The home side came out of the dressing room sharp with a few chances. Kudimbana, for example, lacked efficiency in the finish and Debouver unsuccessfully claimed a penalty after he had run into the box. .
  11. second half, minute 46. 2nd half. The ball rolls again in Sint-Eloois-Winkel. At Genk, Rommens joined the team for goalscorer Arteaga. At Winkel Sport, the Dewaele takes the place of Voskanian. .
  12. second half, minute 46 match started
  13. first half, minute 49 match over
  14. first half, minute 45. Half time. Genk already has its sheep on dry land at half-time. It took a while to find the cup holder against Winkel Sport, but as soon as Ugbo opened the score with a penalty after more than half an hour, it went quickly. Arteaga (2x) and Paintsil increased the lead to 0-4. .
  15. first half, minute 44. Paintsil adds one more. Winkel Sport held out for quite some time, but the spring now seems to be completely broken. Paintsil provides a fourth goal from Genk before the break. .
  16. first half, minute 39. Arteaga scores again! Genk continues on its momentum. This time the action comes from the right flank and it is again Arteaga who can finish. Shop Sport hangs in the ropes. .
  17. first half, minute 36. Arteaga doubles Genk’s lead. Genk suddenly has a taste for it. The 0-1 is barely on the scoreboard when the visitors already double their lead. Arteaga can push on on the left and takes Galens down with a shot into the short corner. .
  18. first half, minute 34.
  19. first half, minute 33. Ugbo gets the job done. Ugbo does not miss the opportunity and gives Racing Genk the lead from the penalty spot. Can Winkel Sport react or has the train from Genk left? .
  20. first half, minute 33. Penalty for Genk! Ugbo is knocked down in the sixteen. The ball goes on the spot for Racing Genk. .