Curfew, red zones and masks: the new South Tyrol lockdown a dress rehearsal for Christmas?

Twenty municipalities in the red zone while the autonomous province of Bolzano is still blank. Until the end of the week, as all forecasts point to the yellow zone for South Tyrol from Monday 29 November. Together with the possibility of a progressive deterioration in December until the numbers for the orange area are reached. And so the lockdown enacted by order by Governor Arno Kompatscher is likely to be a dress rehearsal in the near future: “We have anticipated the restrictions in accordance with the Ministry of Health since we have a high incidence and the trend is increasing,” said the governor.

Kompatscher’s ordinance

The Kompatscher ordinance provides for provisions for the whole territory and for the twenty municipalities in the red zone. Throughout the territory there is an obligation to wear personal protective equipment such as masks in indoor places other than your private home and in all outdoor places if it is not possible to maintain social distancing. On public transport only Ffp2 or equivalent masks must be used. Dance activities in discos are suspended. Then there are the twenty municipalities in the red zone: Rodengo, San Pancrazio, Caines, Vandoies, Ultimo, Martello, Castelbello-Ciardes, Naz-Sciaves, Senales, Plaus, Castelrotto, Marlengo, Laion, Postal, Ortisei, Moso in Passiria, Funes , Santa Cristina Valgardena, Rasun Anterselva, Rio di Pusteria.

Here, where the weekly incidence rate has reached 800 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, the currently positive are more than five and the rate of unvaccinated is 30% of the population, the movements are allowed only from 5 to 20, bars and restaurants they must close at 6 pm and catering activities are only allowed for four people at the table. Cinemas and theaters, swimming pools and gyms, centers also close after 6pm fitness and sports indoors, there is a requirement for Ffp2 even in shops. The gyms that remain open are those “with compulsory health care or providing services falling within the essential levels of assistance or rehabilitation or therapeutic services, solely and exclusively for such services”.

South Tyrol in the yellow zone

The province remains one of the most serious candidates for the yellow zone from next week. Currently, he writes The print, the territory sees 80 people hospitalized in ordinary wards and ten in intensive care. And tourism will obviously suffer, even if in the reports there are those who point out that in November the province is empty and the real season begins in December. Although the Cna of Trentino Alto Adige has made it known that the first cancellations related to tourism and sporting events are beginning to arrive. Meanwhile, yesterday Kompatscher, illustrating the new ordinance together with the councilor for health Thomas Widmann, welcomed the reinforced Super Green pass that the Draghi government wants to approve: “We welcome the national decision to bring forward 5 months from the conclusion of the first vaccination cycle the administration of the third dose, as well as the announced measure of a super Green pass that allows vaccinated and recovered from Covid to continue social and economic activities “.

Instead Weidmann explained that in the autonomous province “compared to a month ago the daily average of new cases, which from 15 to 21 November was 316, has increased almost tenfold. With a weekly incidence of 439 we are at the top of the ranking in Italy and closer to the levels of Germany, Switzerland and Austria ». In some of the twenty municipalities affected by the latest ordinance, Widmann added, the incidence is almost 2,000 cases. For this reason “we have decided to act in advance to prevent the situation from going out of control” and how in Austria we must resort to a generalized lockdown.

Bolzano forerunner?

And precisely for this reason the advance of lockdown in Bolzano it could be a forerunner for the other troubled territories. First of all Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which should arrive in yellow as early as next week. And in anticipation of Christmas that could bring other regions into the areas with greater restrictions. With a particular. That is, as the experience of recent months has taught us, whoever lands in the yellow zone first gets out of it. For this reason, sometimes it is better to anticipate the squeeze. To return to normal as soon as possible.

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