Current news, news and headlines from RTL Aktuell

The RTL main news is a flagship of the station, anchorman Peter Kloeppel is one of the defining faces.
For more than 20 years, the company’s leading journalist has been a guest on TV with ‘RTL Aktuell’ in millions of German households to present the news of the day.
“We make news for the viewers”, according to this very simple maxim, every show is consistently aligned. The selection of topics is strictly based on the real interests of the people, the presentation is clear, understandable and, if necessary, underlaid with graphics that make even complicated issues transparent.
In addition to the most important reports from Germany and abroad and classifying discussions with the reporters on site, consumer news, for example from medicine, research or science, also has a permanent place in the RTL main news. The daily sports block with Ulrike von der Groeben and a comprehensive weather report presented by Christian Häckl are indispensable.