World Customer stabs knife at employee in Rottweiler job center

Customer stabs knife at employee in Rottweiler job center


MWith a knife, a man in the Rottweiler job center attacked and seriously injured an employee. The suspected perpetrator was still arrested on site, a police spokesman said on Thursday. It was a 58 year old German. The background of the fact is still completely unclear. Although the man was interrogated by the investigators in the meantime, it was not yet known whether he had said anything about the crime.

The victim – a 50-year-old woman – came to the hospital in a helicopter. She is under treatment, but there is currently no feedback from the clinic, the police spokesman said. He was also unable to provide information about the extent of the injuries. The officials also gave no further details of the attack – whether the perpetrators and victims knew each other. The “Black Forest Messenger” first reported on the attack. Accordingly, the German Red Cross had arrived with several emergency vehicles and the police had temporarily closed the area.

In March last year there had already been a knife attack in an authority in the district of Rottweil: a then 25-year-old had stabbed the treasurer of the Schramberg town hall and injured life-threatening. The district court in Rottweil found the man incapable of trial in December and acquitted him. However, he has to go to a psychiatric clinic indefinitely.

Most recently, the death of a city employee had caused horror in Cologne: the man was stabbed to death in mid-December when he wanted to collect money for the enforcement agency. When he rang the doorbell with a colleague at an apartment building, a resident opened it – and immediately stabbed him, according to the police. After the attack, the man was placed in a psychiatric clinic. The victim probably did not know that the alleged perpetrator had already attacked employees of another city authority. The incident sparked new discussions as to whether there should be better reporting systems for such attacks. Cologne now wants to introduce such a cross-agency register.



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