Riyadh – Harmony:
The customs of Ammar prevented two attempts to smuggle cash into the Kingdom amounting to 251,200 two hundred and fifty-two thousand two hundred Saudi Riyals, in addition to the number of shots of the 75,000-strong Sacton air rifle found inside two vehicles that were coming Through the port into the Kingdom.
Mr. Khalid Al Rumaih, General Manager of Ammar Ammar Customs said, “According to Article XVI of the AML Regulations, every traveler, whether he is leaving or coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and carrying cash or precious metals in excess of (60,000) And the non-acknowledgment is a clear violation of the holder’s legal liability, cash was seized during the termination of the usual customs procedures of one of the vehicles coming to the Kingdom amounted to (251,200) two hundred and fifty-one thousand and SR, where some of the amount was hidden inside the box of the vehicle’s fuses and put the other into the air filter of the air conditioner.
Al-Rumaih added that a number of shots were found in a vehicle that was presented to the Customs, where 300 pieces of cartridges were found containing 75,000 rounds of ammunition. They were hidden in different parts of the vehicle, Some in the front of the vehicle behind the radiator of the vehicle and others inside the air filter and the reservoir of the water of the spaces after placing the quantity in two plastic bags and packaging with black bags for the purpose of camouflage. He noted that action had subsequently been taken.


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