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Customs: they find a firearm hidden in a car – Nationals

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Officials from the Customs Directorate found a firearm hidden in an imported vehicle that entered the San José Empedril port of Mariano Roque Alonso. The Office of the Prosecutor and the Directorate of War Material (Dimabel) are on site carrying out the rigorous procedures.

In a routine check, officials from the Customs Directorate’s Office found a firearm hidden in a car. It was in the port of San José Empedril, by Mariano Roque Alonso.

Before the discovery, the Public Ministry and Dimabel were notified, who are already on the site in full intervention.

The Deputy Director of Customs, Roberto Quiñónez, in communication with ABC Cardinal, indicated that preliminary information on the finding is still being handled, and that they are accompanying the intervention of the Public Ministry.

As indicated, in a routine check, the officials noticed that there were parts in the vehicle that did not correspond to it. “We were conducting a procedure where what would appear to be part of weapons or weapons themselves was found inside a vehicle. Dimabel was notified, ”he said.

Likewise, he said that they still cannot specify the details of the importer of the vehicle, because the procedure is still in progress.

He stressed that the weapon was found in a used vehicle and not in one or more kilometers. “This load was found inside a used vehicle, not a 0 kilometer one. It was during a normal verification procedure, ”he said.

For its part, the Director of Customs, Julio Fernández, indicated that the shipment would have come from Chile. “They were coming in a used car, a Nissan Murano from Iquique, vehicles are normally imported from there and in a routine check there they found,” he said.

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Since the procedure is still ongoing, they have not yet specified whether they would be rifles and what specific models they would be, but it is preliminarily established that they are weapons of restricted use for individuals. It is war material that was not declared, according to it. “Apparently they are weapons of war and there are 6, putting all the pieces together they give about 6 weapons so far,” he said.

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