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Cyber ​​Monday 2018: These are the best deals

Bargains at a glance

If you did not get your hoped-for bargain on Black Friday, then you can try your luck on Cyber ​​Monday again. In the big bargain finale you can expect many attractive offers. Netzwelt shows you which offers you can not miss on Cyber ​​Monday 2018.

In this article you will receive all important information about the Cyber ​​Monday 2018.

In this article, you will receive all the important information about Cyber ​​Monday 2018. (Source: roobcio /


  1. The history of Cyber ​​Monday
  2. Then Cyber ​​Monday 2018 will take place
  3. Not just technology offers
  4. Cyber ​​Monday on Amazon
  5. Cyber ​​Monday at Lego
  6. Cyber ​​Monday at Media Markt
  7. Cyber ​​Monday at Gravis
  8. Cyber ​​Monday at PlayStation Store
  9. Cyber ​​Monday at Saturn
  10. Cyber ​​Monday at Expert
  11. Cyber ​​Monday at O2
  12. Cyber ​​Monday at Samsung
  13. Cyber ​​Monday at Deutsche Telekom
  14. Cyber ​​Monday at Euronics
  15. Cyber ​​Monday at Apple
  16. Cyber ​​Monday at Nintendo
  17. Cyber ​​Monday at real
  18. Cyber ​​Monday at Zara
  19. Overview: Traders participating in Cyber ​​Monday
  20. To be prepared
  21. Beware of fake shops

The best known and at the same time advertised bargain day is no longer the summer or winter sales in Germany, but the "Black Friday". But not only on this day you can get good offers from numerous online retailers. Also on the following so-called "Cyber ​​Monday" attractive discounts await you. So if you missed the iPhone XS (Max), the Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One at the best price on Black Friday, you can look for your favorite product again on Cyber ​​Monday 2018.

The history of Cyber ​​Monday

The Cyber ​​Monday comes just like the Black Friday originally from the US. It's the online retailers' response to Black Friday, which was launched in the United States by brick-and-mortar stores and chain stores. Cyber ​​Monday always takes place on the Monday after Black Friday, which falls on the day after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018: These are the best bargains

About the offers

Since 2010, Cyber ​​Monday is also on the rise in Germany, the online giant Amazon has introduced him quasi in this country. However, in Germany, the bargains on both Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are mainly offered by online retailers. Traditional traders rarely participate in bid dates and typically continue to rely on seasonal sales.

Then Cyber ​​Monday 2018 will take place

Cyber ​​Monday will fall on the 26th of November this year. At the same time, the action periods of the participating merchants end with him – because not only on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday you get many products at a discount, some dealers start a week before their offers.

Not just technology offers

At Cyber ​​Monday, many first think of technology deals. And in fact, next to Black Friday on Cyber ​​Monday, you'll find great deals if you want to get a new smartphone, PS4 or Xbox. And apps or VPN services are offered at a discounted price.

But Cyber ​​Monday is also taking place in other areas of daily life. So you can count on it, for example, her clothes, cosmetics or kitchen utensils cheaper offers. And even sports clubs sometimes mix with the action day. In the online shop of FC Bayern Munich, for example, you receive numerous fan articles at reasonable prices. Find out which merchants are taking part in the action day later in this article. By the way: Netzwelt shows you where you can get the best offers. Simply subscribe to our bargain ticker.

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Cyber ​​Monday on Amazon

Cyber ​​Monday takes place at the online dealers on November 26 from 0 to 0 o'clock. At Amazon, there will be again a variety of flash offers that start in five-minute intervals and have a maximum duration of six hours. There is also a special feature here: Prime members get 30 minutes earlier the opportunity to secure the Blitzangebote. You are not a Prime Member and you are not interested in a paid subscription? Then you have the opportunity to test the premium service for one month free of charge. In our big Amazon Prime overview, we'll show you how to get a free trial month for Amazon Prime. But do not forget to cancel in time.

The best Amazon deals at a glance

About the offers

Cyber ​​Monday at Lego

Until the 26th of November you can look for offers in the online shop of Lego. Here you get a 30 percent discount on selected toy sets. The best Lego offers for Cyber ​​Monday, we show you in the linked review article. (To the action page at Lego)

Cyber ​​Monday at Media Markt

Media Markt will also be ending its big bargain deal, which started on November 22, with Cyber ​​Monday. At the consumer electronics store, the last days of the sale are called "Red Sale". Again, many discounts await you here. In the linked article we show you the best media market offers.

Red Sale offers at Media Markt

About the offers

Cyber ​​Monday at Gravis

Until the 26th of November you can also buy various products at Gravis cheaper. The offer includes Apple accessories, headphones or speakers. (To the action page at Gravis)

Cyber ​​Monday at PlayStation Store

In the store of PSN you get until 27th November various top games cheaper. You can find the best PSN offers for Cyber ​​Monday in the linked offer article. (To the action page at PSN)

Cyber ​​Monday at Saturn

This year is the otherwise known as "Black Week" bargain week at Saturn "Kaufrausch". This ends with Cyber ​​Monday on November 26th. The best Saturn offers that you should not miss, we show you in the linked bargain index.

Cyber ​​Monday at Expert

Expert lets you bargain until November 27th. The retailer offers discounted products from all areas of daily life during this time. In addition to consumer electronics you get here also washing machines, coffee machines and more. (To the action page at Expert)

Cyber ​​Monday at O2

At O2 you can get cheap smartphones and accessories until November 26th. For example, various Huawei phones, the iPhone XR or the Apple Airpods are on offer. (To action page at O2)

Cyber ​​Monday at Samsung

Manufacturer Samsung ends its Black Friday clearance on November 26th with Cyber ​​Monday. Here you can expect significant discounts on smart TVs or smartphones and tablets. So you do not miss the best Samsung offers for Cyber ​​Monday, we show you in the linked article, which bargain is really worthwhile.

Samsung products on offer

Watch now

Cyber ​​Monday at Deutsche Telekom

From the 22nd to the 26th of November the Telekom will be offering various products. As part of the "Magenta Thursday" campaign, you can secure your smartphones and tablets for less. The offers are valid in the local branches, in the online shop and by phone. (To the action page at Telekom)

Cyber ​​Monday at Euronics

The electronics retailer Euronics offers numerous Cyber ​​Monday offers until November 26th. Here you will receive various products at a reduced price. (To the action page at Euronics)

Cyber ​​Monday at Apple

Also Apple lures this year to Cyber ​​Monday with offers. Between 23 and 26 November, a four-day shopping event will take place at the Apple Store. You can buy Apple products not only at the company itself, but also at other retailers cheaper. The best Apple offers for Cyber ​​Monday, we show you in the linked bargain index.

Apple products for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018

Watch now

Cyber ​​Monday at Nintendo

In the eShop at Nintendo you can snatch many games for the Nitendo Switch, Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS until November 29th. (To the action page at Nintendo)

Cyber ​​Monday at real

Between the 19th and 26th of November runs at the "Blackweek". Here you get various products such as smartphones, TVs or even Lego toys cheaper. The best deals in the Blackweek at real, we show you in the linked bargain index. (To the action page at real)

Black Friday at Real – these are the best deals

Learn more

Cyber ​​Monday at Zara

Fashion retailer Zara has not officially confirmed its participation in Cyber ​​Monday. However, you should still take a look in the sale area of ​​the online shop. You may find here on Cyber ​​Monday even more good bargains. (To the discount page at Zara)

Overview: Traders participating in Cyber ​​Monday

The table below gives you an overview of which dealers are participating in Cyber ​​Monday. If you click on the company name, you will be redirected directly to the corresponding website and you can browse the Cyber ​​Monday offers.

To be prepared

According to experience, the best bargains are gone very quickly, so you should strike at best at night. Also, think about what you really want to buy. You want a new smartphone? What? If you rummage for a long time, it may already be too late. Inform yourself in advance about the current prices of the products that you have in mind. So you see right away if and how much you save. It is also worthwhile to have the various online shops open before you can quickly switch between them.

If you still need help with the purchase decision, we are at your side! You can not choose a current game console? Whether PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch – we help you choose the right game console. Even when it comes to a new smartphone, a tablet PC, a smartwatch, headphones or a new smart speaker, our detailed purchase advisor supports you with the agony of the choice. By the way: If you still combine promotional products with discount vouchers, you will save again. Which coupons and coupons you can use on Cyber ​​Monday, we show you in the linked review article.

Beware of fake shops

Buy on Cyber ​​Monday in the best of you known or major traders. Because on the Internet also so-called "fake shops", who put their money in their pockets, but never send goods. So if you get a tempting offer at an unknown dealer in the eye, make sure that the dealer has good customer reviews and researched the best briefly via a search engine, if he is trustworthy.

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Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018: These are the best bargains

In this gallery you will find the best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday bargains, where you can save money.

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