Restricted by the current generation or even by a console in particular? One of the developers spoke after these corridor noises about the game.

Delayed by several months to reach the standards set by its designers, Cyberpunk 2077 was the subject of a recent rumor that this postponement may be due to the lack of power of the Xbox One.

Cory Barlog, game director of God of War II (2005) and God of War (2018), had started a thread on his Twitter account to say that there was nothing wrong:

All games go awry until you optimize them for the platform, until the last moment before they get Gold.

Could we then read. The whole discussion is visible by clicking here.

If Cyberpunk 2077 will not be as comfortable on Xbox One as on PS4, due to the difference in power, a developer of CD Projekt Red has however swept the idea that the Microsoft console is the cause of this discrepancy and that this reason was only there to fuel unfounded rumors :

Cory Barlog has pinpointed the problem. Of course, we optimize (editor’s note: Cyberpunk 2077) for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, because this is what we do in the final stages of game development. During creation, many things are not optimized because they are not not fixed, they evolve constantly and are not finished.

Simple answers like “they pushed the game away because of such” may be good for rumors, but the truth is not there. There are always a lot of reasons. Among them, and I can just speak for myself, it can be the simple correction of bugs so that the game is as neat as possible. No hidden motives, we are just working to improve the game.

This is now more clear.

For their part, the teams will not yet be able to claim rest since after the exit, it will be necessary to work to continue the development of their second AAA.


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