Cybertruck: Tesla pickup does not stand break test – embarrassing glitch


This futuristic electric pickup is not from a science fiction film, but from the house of Tesla. On Thursday, the boss of the electric car manufacturer, Elon Musk, presented the new model called "Cybertruck" – and let heavy guns open. With a sledgehammer, Musk beat his chief designer Franz von Holzhausen against the steel body to show how robust she is. Shortly afterwards, Holzhausen threw a metal ball against the windows, which were described as shatter-proof, but which then cracked. The embarrassing mishap Musk took with humor, because at least the ball was not gone. The futuristic-looking vehicle is reminiscent of a stealth fighter jet with its unusual triangular shape. The model pioneer wants to push into one of the most important markets of American auto companies.


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