Cycling : Christopher Froome, the last victim of a motorist looking forward to it ?

Cycling : Christopher Froome, the last victim of a motorist looking forward to it ?

” I just get knocked down deliberately by a motorist eager who followed me on the road ! Fortunately I’m good. The bike is fucked up. The driver has spun ! “

In 140 signs, Tuesday, 9 may in the morning, sent with his phone of the commune of Beausoleil, border to Monaco, Christopher Froome has added a piece to the folder of the conflict between cyclists and motorists.

the rider of The team Sky resides in Monaco, like many other professional cyclists who value the tax regime, the location, the sun, the proximity of the international airport of Nice and the roads training in the back-country of the var.

Problem on the mediterranean coast

however, there is a problem on the mediterranean coast the French consider a lot of runners : the behavior of motorists. In the 1970’s, while the platoon was the end of the winter, alternating courses and small courses. Then, one day, as the told the former champion Cyrille Guimard at the World last year : ” We stopped coming for reasons of security. Even the riders didn’t want to take risks, given the behavior of motorists in the corner. “

Now, the teams prefer the valencian country and Andalusia, where they are, it seems, less honking of motorists fed up with these groups of cyclists sometimes difficult to double.

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The pro peloton has lately experienced in his own flesh several examples of the difficulty of sharing the road. On 22 April, the Italian Michele Scarponi, 37 years old, was killed in the drive, hit by a truck.

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Two days later, the French rider Yoann Offredo published photos of him, face bloody, explaining how he was assaulted by a motorist when out cycling with friends in the Ile-de-France. A version disputed by the alleged perpetrator.

tense Climate between cyclists and drivers

regardless of the interpretation of the altercation, the episode has confirmed the existence of a tense atmosphere between the owners of two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Its manifestations can range from the simple note to the blows and injuries, by way of insult, or the tails of fish.

On the social networks, the video of the altercation recorded by cyclists with an onboard camera and spread virally.

According to the road Safety, 150 cyclists die each year in road accidents. Some 5000 are injured. An awareness campaign has been launched in 2015 by the French cycling Federation, with video clips involving several professionals French and disseminated during the Tour de France.

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