Cyclist dies at Sunday Market after failing to overtake TransJakarta


The accident involving a TransJakarta bus occurred near Jl Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, this afternoon. A cyclist died in the accident.

The incident occurred around 14:00 WIB. The Head of Laka, Gakkum Sub-Directorate, Ditlantas, Polda Metro Jaya, Kompol Edy Purwanto, confirmed the incident.

“It’s true (the TransJakarta bus accident killed one person),” said Edy in his statement, Sunday (10/7/2022).



The accident involved a TransJakarta vehicle numbered B-7606-TGD with a driver with the initials N and a cyclist with the initials AS. Initially, the US was pedaling its bicycle from north to south on Jl Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

“Arriving at the TKP (at the Trans Jakarta Bus Stop which is opposite the At Taqwa Mosque) they tried to overtake the trans Jakarta vehicle NRKB B-7606-TGD driven by brother N,” explained Edy.

“At the same time, driver N just started from the bus stop, so he was hit by the right front body of the TransJakarta bus,” he continued.

Then, AS fell to the right and hit his head on the asphalt. Edy said that at the time of the accident, AS was behind the right of the TransJakarta bus.

“US died at the TKP. The body was sent to the Central Jakarta RSCM for a post-mortem et repertum,” he said.

Edy said that the police were still investigating the accident.

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