Cyclone Asani | Who names hurricanes? Who gave the name ‘Asani’? Know the details

Cyclone Asani, which formed in the southeastern parts of the Bay of Bengal, is moving towards the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Asani is the first hurricane of the season. It is named after Sri Lanka. Asani means ‘anger’ in Sinhala.

The list of 169 names for hurricanes was released in 2020. It includes 13 names from 13 countries. Now let’s see the names of the upcoming hurricanes and which countries will name them.

The hurricane that formed after Asani will be called Sitrang. The name is given by Thailand. Upcoming names from India are Ghurni, Probaho, Jhar and Murasu. Other names for hurricanes include Biparjoy (Bangladesh), Asif (Saudi Arabia), Diksam (Yemen), Typhoon (Iran) and Shakti (Sri Lanka). The names used so far from the ones suggested by India include Gati, Megh and Akash. Formerly used names are Agni, Helen and Fanny from Bangladesh and Laila, Nargis and Bulbul from Pakistan.

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There are certain criteria behind naming each hurricane. There are six Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers (RSMCs) and five Regional Tropical Cyclone Warning Centers around the world. They are the ones who give advice about hurricanes and name hurricanes.

The name will be selected in alphabetical order. Names that are not related to gender, politics, religion, or culture are chosen. There is no change in the name of the storm that passes from one reservoir to another. Names once entered will no longer be used. All names used can be up to eight characters long. Names that hurt any country, people or customs should not be used.

Hurricanes in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea began to be named in September 2004. Feminine names were chosen for the storms before they were moved to an approved list.

However, the Kerala Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rains in the state today. Yellow alert was declared in Alappuzha, Idukki, Kottayam and Ernakulam districts yesterday. Today, Central and South Kerala are likely to receive more rains. Fishing is banned in the Bay of Bengal.

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