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Home Entertainment Cynthia Klitbo reveals unexpected confession of her daughter (PHOTO)

Cynthia Klitbo reveals unexpected confession of her daughter (PHOTO)

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  • Cynthia Klitbo published a photograph of her daughter with revealing news
  • Several celebrities were noted in the comments
  • Some fans threw a warning to the actress

Cynthia Klitbo shared a photograph of her daughter Elisa Fernanda to reveal a confession that few expected and several celebrities responded.

The actress has a very beautiful relationship with her daughter and through networks she has shown that more than mother and daughter, they seem like friends.

Users have seen Cynthia Klitbo accompanied by her daughter in concerts, restaurants and having the best in different parts of the world.

However, the interpreter published a photograph on Instagram of her daughter that very few saw coming.

In the post appears the daughter of Cynthia Klitbo with a turquoise, green and pink bikini, denoting a worked abdomen and holding a board with a hand to swim.

Elisa Fernanda is standing at the edge of a pool that has the beach and the spectacular sea in the background.

It should be noted that on the postcard the daughter of the actress looks like her hair covering a large part of her face and the little that can be seen of it, presents a very serious gesture, including, some assured that she looked sad.

To accompany the postcard, Klitbo revealed that her daughter was not feeling well with her physical appearance: "Can you believe that my daughter feels ugly?"

Given this, several celebrities did not hesitate to send several messages that belied the feeling of Elisa.

Chantal Andere wrote: "She is beautiful", while Erika Buenfil mentioned: "She is beautiful".

Edith Gonzalez further pointed out the beauty of Cynthia Klitbo's daughter: "She is divine".


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