Czarnecki’s estate. He is a millionaire

Financial declaration of Ryszard Czarnecki

718,426 zlotys and 10,728 euros – these are cash savings, which Ryszard Czarnecki included in his asset declaration. In addition, there are two apartments with a value of PLN 800 thousand and PLN 2.6 million, respectively. The former is a cooperative ownership flat, while both are joint property in marriage. In the “other real estate” section, there is a third apartment, whose value was estimated by Czarnecki at EUR 210,000.

Real estate is one thing, but earnings are another. And Czarnecki certainly cannot complain about these. In the European Parliament, an MEP earned EUR 106,143.36 gross last year. In turn, from PZPS he received PLN 48 802.75 net.

The Czarnecki case

For several days, the media have been writing about the problems of Ryszard Czarnecki, who is watched by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). This is related to Czarnecki’s settling of trips. Ryszard Czarnecki was to confirm to “Rzeczpospolita” that he took an active part in clarifying the doubts of OLAF officials. In turn, in an interview with Fakt, Czarnecki did not want to comment on the newspaper’s reports. “These are lies and absurd,” he told Fakt and announced that he would take legal action. This is another case when a Polish MEP is watched by OLAF. In 2019, Janusz Wojciechowski, the EU commissioner for agriculture, was accused of fraud.

Czarnecki in trouble by Fiat from scratch

Duda’s photo was quickly removed from the Sejm Chancellery profile. Because it was uncomfortable?

The president opened the second term with his speech. Comments

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