Czech Foreign Minister denounces Russia’s nuclear rhetoric and occupation of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavsky, denounced Russia’s nuclear rhetoric as well as the occupation of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in violation of the UN Charter and the Statute of the IAEA.

During his address to the United Nations General Assembly, the Czech minister accused Russia of being the cause of the deadlock at the Tenth Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT ).

He said the principles of the United Nations faced a grave danger, as Russia, one of the presumed guardians of the Charter and a permanent member of the Security Council, attacks a sovereign democracy. Questioning the relevance of the United Nations if it authorizes a new colonial war, he warned the Assembly against indifference.

He recalled that the Russian aggressive war is not only a violation of the United Nations Charter, but also seriously affects the world economy and food security of a large number of countries. He urged Russia to immediately end its occupation and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory.

He also denounced the illegal annexation of Crimea and condemned the sham referendums in parts of Ukrainian territory, saying that the time for colonial establishment and acquisition of territories by force is over. The minister called for an independent investigation into all allegations relating to the behavior of the Russian military.