Czech Republic says ‘goodbye’ to coronavirus with party for thousands of people where there was no shortage of food sharing. See the pictures – World

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Although the WHO warned that the pandemic is “accelerating” and is therefore far from over, the Czech Republic seems to think differently. With the end of the confinement, the Czechs decided to say ‘goodbye’ to the coronavirus with a dinner for thousands of people where the rules go against everything that the world health authorities have been calling for.

The event was created on Facebook. They called it “The table is set” and scheduled the party at Charles Bridge in Prague this Tuesday. The rules for participating are simple: sharing food and drink, forbidden to wear a mask and social distancing could not exist.

Thousands of guests then sat at the 500-meter-long table on Charles Bridge in Prague, and shared food and drinks they brought from home.

The event organizer, however, ensured that the celebration was possible due to the lack of tourists in the famous Czech city.

“We want to celebrate the end of the coronavirus crisis, allowing people to meet and show that they are not afraid to meet, that they are not afraid to bite a piece of sandwich from the neighbor,” said Ondrej Kobza, the party’s organizer and owner of a cafe in the city.

No country, houve less than 12,000 coronavirus infections despite the 10 million inhabitants. About 350 people died.

According to a correspondent from BBC in Prague, the event was made possible by the fact that the city is currently free of tourists and the inhabitants have been confined. The dinner that seems unthinkable in several countries, was in Prague a moment of optimism and hope for a return to normal.



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