In the course of Sky Sport intervened Daniele Conti, former midfielder and Cagliari flag: "Many goals for Roma 5 goals, more than any other team, it was destiny, the fans always tell me that I gave my best against them, but I told him: why did not you see me in the other races? Maximum, rivalry with Napoli Yes, that is strong, against them I have felt this thing, against them many lots of matches and I got a lot of satisfaction with goals at the last goal. points, then that goal gave us the push to save us.

Stretcher? I saw him grow up as a child, you could see the talent and how much you have so much you can do all the roles. I am happy for him, he is humble and has ample room for growth. Even in the national team he proved to be a champion. Approached to the eternal rival Naples? It also happened to me, I can say about myself: I refused, but I can not talk about him, I do not know how things are. I refused. He grew up in youth, he is Sardinian, I wanted him on my team because I believed in him. In his youth he played with the shin guards with my photo and at my last race he gave me the shin guards ".


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