#da1f3d in blood – farewell to homepage veteran – Katharineum zu Lübeck

“#da1f3d in the blood”

This saying adorned the t-shirts that Jonathan and Linus received as parting gifts. “#da1f3d” is the hex code of the Katharineum red, which is used as a corporate identity on the homepage, in school flyers and on official invitations and much more. On the homepage, red is actually the layout-defining color on all pages.

With this year’s Abitur, we had to say goodbye to two members of our website team at a small final party in the monastery courtyard. Among them was Jonathan Weth, who had worked as an administrator in the Homepage-AG since the 7th grade. Among other things, he was part of the first website team that built this “new” homepage in 2017, sometimes even working all day on Sundays (with breakfast and dinner at school). During his long time in the Homepage-AG, he played a leading role in the design of the homepage, the development of important work processes and communication channels, the design of the digital school presentation and much more. Without his extraordinary skills and knowledge, many things simply would not have been possible. With Jonathan, one can say with good reason that he has “#da1f3d in his blood”. That’s why we have appointed him as an “honorary administrator” as a veteran.

In addition to Jonathan, we also had to say goodbye to Linus Isenhagen, who in his two years at the Homepage-AG made a great contribution to filming and video editing. In both years, he helped significantly with his videos to create an appealing digital school presentation, which presented our school to potential new sextans and their parents in pandemic times instead of the usual face-to-face event. He was also active for our website team as an editor and photographer. With his products, he has also clearly shown that he has “#da1f3d in his blood”.

In order to get their farewell gift, the two had to prove themselves as familiar with the homepage and the Katharineum in a small quiz. Stine Bartram and Saskia Beck were also able to watch this spectacle.

On behalf of the entire team at Homepage-AG and the Katharineum, we wish you all the best for your future and hope to see you again soon.

Euer Florian Fust