Dacia changes the prices of the latest models. Some of them are rising in price for the fourth time this year and not by much

The Romanian carmaker currently ranks sixth among the best-selling brands in our market. It thus improved by four places compared to last year and in the separate month of April even by six steps.

She’s really doing well this year. Sales rose by more than half, and the fact that it raised prices several times this year did not change that either. For example, the popular Dacia Duster lost its basic equipment this year, rising in price by 3,000 crowns in March and another ten thousand a month later, while the number of people interested in this model increased by twelve percent in the previous month.

However, the May changes avoided the popular SUV, as did the Sandero and Logan models, but other cars of the brand increased in price by as much as 25,000 crowns. You can find out more by pressing the “Browse” button.