Dacia’s new direction: the road to solidity and what the brand has in common with Škoda

The manufacturer announced the company’s new course by inviting hundreds of media representatives to a presentation in the suburbs of Paris. A few hours – that’s how much time I had to familiarize myself with the future ambitions of the manufacturer, which were presented by the company’s executive director Denis Le Vot himself, emphasizing that he never liked the image of Dacia as a cheap car manufacturer, so it was time for a change.

Of course, a video conference could also be used to announce such news, but probably to emphasize the seriousness of the intentions, everything was done much more officially – not only the top manager of the company participated in the event, but also he did not bother to organize several days of presentations for changing groups of journalists.

Dacia presentation

© Jurgis Poplaitis

If I understood correctly, these changes in the vision of the company’s activities were the main idea of ​​the event. And their visual meaning is the conceptual “Manifesto” SUV. I’ll say right away that I simply didn’t have time to look at it more closely, because in the few hours allotted to us, more than one presentation-workshop was organized to introduce the manufacturer’s innovations and ambitions.

There were no big discoveries, although there were some interesting moments. One such is the seven-seater “Jogger”, about which you can find material here, here and here. Since the manufacturer’s cars are presented as tough, reliable and suitable for off-roading, this model has a folding wooden panel equipment in the trunk for trips. These are practical storage compartments, and the folding table on which you can sit is somewhat reminiscent of the Range Rover solution. Obviously budget, but ecological – the manufacturer also does not forget to emphasize this extremely fashionable trend today.

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Dacia presentation

Dacia presentation

© Jurgis Poplaitis

And here, in other workshops, multimedia equipment and mobile applications, which have become inseparable from modern cars, were shown. Indeed, Dacia can be praised for implementing modern technologies – for example, the tested new Sandero has a wireless Android Auto interface, which not all even much more expensive cars can boast of yet.

And I also liked the virtual opportunity to choose the desired car by downloading the Dacia AR app on your mobile phone, which allows you to view the car in a three-dimensional view both from the outside and after “sitting” inside it – try it, it’s quite an interesting experience, if only that the app at least not yet offered in Lithuanian.

Therefore, the event had a little bit of everything, and the manufacturer’s vector is clear – to offer not only inexpensive (in Europe, the manufacturer is the third largest seller of private cars), but also practical cars with clever solutions that are attractive to the modern buyer – it would be like the Romanian Škoda variants. Why not?

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