Dad who was dragging a stroller assaulted… Black punching without blood or tears [영상]

On the 30th of last month in San Francisco, USA (local time), an Asian man in his 30s who was driving a stroller was indiscriminately assaulted by a black man in his 20s. A one-year-old child was riding in a stroller pulled by a man who had been beaten.

According to abc7 broadcast on the 4th, an Asian-American man, who was identified as Bruce, was raided on the 30th of last month while walking in front of a supermarket in San Francisco with a stroller.

According to the video recorded on the store’s CCTV, a black man pushed Bruce, and about 13 thrashed Bruce’s head and back. Meanwhile, the one-year-old child in the stroller was left without a guardian. Bruce, who was being assaulted as the stroller slowly moved by the wind, hurriedly chases the stroller and collapses into the video.

The man who was assaulted was arrested as a current offender by a local police officer who was on patrol. The man, 26-year-old Sydney Hammond, was arrested for theft a month before the assault, abc7 reported. Reportedly, Bruce, who was hit in the head and back, is recovering, but has not suffered any major injuries, and the baby in the stroller has not been injured.

On the 30th of last month (local time), a perpetrator who assaulted an Asian man is being arrested by local police. [트위터 ‘Dion Lim’]

Bruce said, “I fell to the ground, and at that moment I wrapped my head with my hand to prevent further injury,” said Bruce. “At that moment, I couldn’t protect my child.” “As a parent, I was very scared. The sense of stability I felt was terribly broken,” he added.

Hammond’s motives are still unknown. Reportedly, the local police said, “The perpetrator did not say anything (racist) in the course of the assault. It is highly likely to be’Do not ask assault’, not an Asian hate crime.” However, Bruce said, “I didn’t have a face to face with the perpetrators, and as the recent increase in crimes against Asians, it could be a crime against Asians.” Hammond has been charged with assault and child risk.

Reporter Seok Kyung-min [email protected]


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