Dad wins over $500,000 after his daughter gave him a lottery ticket for Father’s Day

A father in Canada received the ultimate Father’s Day gift when he won a $515,382 lottery jackpot after his daughter bought him the ticket to celebrate the day.

John Bartlett she took the sum that changed her life after opening her beloved son’s card and finding two cards Scratch’N Win.

He handed one to his wife Anne to scratch off, not expecting to win much, before realizing they had hit the Set for Life jackpot.

The family, from Newfoundland, Canada, have said they will never forget this year’s Father’s Day thanks to his huge windfall.

John explained to The New York Post: “I went to the house where my daughter is and she left me a Father’s Day card.”

“When I opened it up, I saw there were two Set for Life tickets, and after I gave them to Anne to scratch off, she didn’t believe her eyes.”

Anne’s ticket had three matching symbols accompanied by the words every lottery player dreams of seeing, Set for Life. “I saw three soles and the prize payment said ‘Set for Life,’” the woman said.

“I looked at it at least three times before calling John to show it to him. We were both jubilant when we saw it.”

The couple could hardly believe their luck after pocketing the cash prize, and their daughter was also struggling to believe them. “I’m a bit of a joker when it comes to my kids, but I thought I finally convinced her that we won,” John said.

“We hung up the phone and then five minutes later she called me back and said, ‘Are you playing with me?'” John added.

Since then, the father convinced her that her windfall is real and now she is planning how to spend the jackpot.

The family decided to take their entire profit in one go, allowing them to pay their bills and spend money on a new car.

A similar case occurred when a man won more than $1 million in the North Carolina Lottery with a scratch-off ticket he gave himself for Father’s Day.

Raleigh resident John Rogers won’t forget that day this year, as the celebration went double.

On Friday, Rogers, 64, bought a ticket at the Capital Food Mart convenience store on Capital Boulevard, the lottery office said.

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