Dáda Patrasová packs her bags and flies to Italy to meet her lover Vito

It looks like the marriage of Dagmar Patras and Felix Slováček is really busy again. While the musician sweeps up almost every social event where he is surrounded by beautiful women in recent weeks, Dada is going to visit his Italian friend Vito instead, as the editors of Prima Zenya found out. Is another partnership crisis looming?

Musician Felix Slováček, who will celebrate his eightieth birthday next year, has recently been living up to his reputation of weakness for beautiful women many years younger. After the premiere of the historical film, Jan Žižka cuddled up to the sexy blonde, Brno-based businesswoman Lence, who impressed everyone present not only with her golden dress, but also with her cleavage. Felix could keep his eyes on her and was more into her than social etiquette allowed.

And it seems Dada is now about to strike back. She revealed to the Prima Women website that next week she is going to visit her Italian partner Vito, in whose arms she ended up after her husband started dating Lucia Gelemová, forty years her junior. “I’m flying to see Vito in Calabria, I’ll be there for a week,” Dada told us. She did not want to specify whether she was traveling there as his partner or just a friend. As she further revealed, she and Felix are currently functioning normally.

A holiday together after many years

Everything indicates that they agreed on a certain freedom in their relationship and everyone can do what they want. Divorce is definitely not in the plan. “Our relationship is like after forty years of marriage. Sometimes it seems to me that we are like brother and sister, sometimes that we are lovers,” Slováček remarked to a week ago. They will be married for forty years next year.

Felix Slováček surrounded by women after the premiere of the film Jan Žižka

In the summer, Dada and Felix went on a vacation together after a long time. Tunis became the place of their summer pleasures. But they didn’t just spend time sunbathing by the beach and swimming in the sea, they took the stay very active and sporty. They also took part in a celebrity tennis tournament, in which, in addition to them, the actor Jiří Krampol and the singer Šárka Rezková also participated. “It was beautiful. Very pleasant people. We enjoyed it a lot,” Dagmar Patrasová revealed to the Prima Ženy website at the time, and her husband Felix Slováček did not hide his enthusiasm either. “Just rolling around on the beach is not for me. I couldn’t even stand it. The connection with tennis, which I really like to play, is simply an ideal combination,” he praised himself.

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