Daedalic: A Year of Rain recalls Warcraft in early access


For over two years, the development studio Daedalic Entertainment in Hamburg has been working on A Year of Rain, now the real-time strategy game for Windows PC is available in Early Access on Steam. What the strange name means, we do not know – but basically that's not so important. The really crucial basic information for those interested: Who still plays Warcraft 1 or 2, deals with the beta of Warcraft 3 Reforged or waiting for Warcraft 4, should take a look at A Year of Rain.

Job market

  1. Unternehmensgruppe Dünkel Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Schemmerhofen
  2. dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn, Böblingen (near Stuttgart), Pfaffenhofen (near Munich), Wolfsburg


The program moves along the narrow boundary of homage and clone – Daedalic himself speaks of a "Warcraft alternative". The similarities affect almost all elements, from the operation of the base building to the structure of the factions with their hero units.

In the early-access version of the campaign, players can join the affluent Rupah house in the story of one of the three major factions. Part two and three of the story, which revolve around the Undead Soldiers, Beasts and Souls of the Restless Regiment, and then the Chaotic Wild Banner of Survivors and Nomads, will be released in the coming months.

The whole thing is elaborately staged and set to music and enriched with many cutscenes. It can also be played alone or in a two-player co-op. The early-access version also features a competitive skirmish mode in which two teams of two players compete against each other.

Later, a new, asymmetrical game mode called Against All Odds will also appear in which two heroes can face two large armies. A Year of Rain currently costs around 20 euros in early access, and activation requires a user account with the third-party Playfab. The finished full version should be released in mid-2021 at the earliest.


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