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Home Entertainment Daily: Florian Philippot attacked, Yann Barthès paralyzes Cyril Hanouna and TPMP

Daily: Florian Philippot attacked, Yann Barthès paralyzes Cyril Hanouna and TPMP

This Wednesday, February 13, Yann Barthès proposed a new issue of Daily in access prime time. Despite a sharply lower score, the former host of Canal + has allowed TMC to retain its leadership of TNT audiences.

The team came back on the tribute of Florian Philippot the wounded demonstrations against the policy ofEmmanuel Macron. Whereas the former member of the National Front mentioned his name, Jérôme Rodrigues denounced a "New political recovery" events. For his column, Etienne Carbonnier has decrypted the confessions of the guests of Faustine Bollaert in It starts today on France 2. For its part, Azzedine Ahmed-Chaouch went to meet a woman who lost her job due to the presence of too many women in the Sarcelles municipal council.

On average, TMC's flagship program attracted 1.47 million viewers between 20:10 and 21:05. While collecting 12.7% of 25/49 year olds and 14.8% of CPSI +, the show convinced 6.3% of the public aged 4 years and over. A score down 0.8 point from Tuesday. Channel 10, however, maintained its lead over Do not touch My TV. On C8, Cyril Hanouna remained at a disappointing level in the presence of 1.18 million people, or 5% of the public. The first part of Daily convinced 906,000 viewers, or 4.6% of the public.


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