"Daily" generates more advertising revenue at TMC than "Touch my job" at C8

"Daily" generates more advertising revenue at TMC than "Touch my job" at C8

The numbers speak for themselves. In its edition published this Wednesday, "Le Figaro" looked at the advertising revenue generated by the main talk shows of the PAF, starting with "Daily" on TMC and "Do not touch my post" on C8. Broadcasted in access prime time, they represent a strategic issue for the channels because these programs often realize audiences higher than the first parts of evenings. If, since the start, on the front of the hearing, Yann Barthès has taken the ascendancy on Cyril Hanouna, like what had happened at the same time in 2017, it is on the front of advertising revenue that TMC's talk progress is the most noticeable.

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Thus, according to the calculations of Publicis Media, excluding sponsorship (short advertising screens offered before and after the credits, as well as between each advertising break), "Daily" generates an average of 190,000 euros net of advertising revenue by issue, where "Touch not to my post" harvests net 145,000 euros. Several factors explain this difference: the talk show presented by Yann Barthès attracts more viewers on advertisers' favorite targets, starting with the 25-49 age group. Similarly, the appointment of TMC offers a minute and thirty seconds of advertising more than its main competitor.
A 90% increase in two years for "Daily"
As a result, its advertising revenue grew by 90% in two years, compared to a 7% increase in the meantime for "Do not touch my job". Two years ago, "Touch not my job" generated revenue above that of "Daily" with 135,000 euros net of advertising revenue per broadcast on C8, against 100,000 euros for TMC.
Opposite, the other talk shows are doing more modestly, even if they are less dependent on advertising. On Arte, the "28 minutes" of Elisabeth Quin is not concerned by the battle since the Franco-German channel does not broadcast any advertising. As for France 5, each issue of "C to you" allows him to generate only 15,000 euros net thanks to advertising, the fault to an older audience, composed of 88% of people aged 50 and over, and to significantly fewer screens.

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