Daily newspaper for Empuriabrava / Roses / Costa Brava: Girona transport operators warn that “companies will have to close”

PROVINCE OF GIRONA / CATALONIA / SPAIN: Girona province’s hauliers warn that the rise in fuel costs “is driving businesses to bankruptcy” and that some will have to close. The sector’s employers’ association, Asetrans, reminds them that they operate on “very low profit margins”, which makes it difficult for some companies to operate anyway. For all these reasons, the organisation’s vice president, Eduard Ayach, expects the cost of transporting goods and people to increase and describes the increase in fuel prices as an “unsustainable” situation. One of the sectors most likely to be affected is school transport, where prices are fixed and cannot be changed. Ayach hopes contracts with the administration can be revised to mitigate the impact.

Asetrans is confident that the sector can survive but admits that there will be companies that will struggle if the trend doesn’t change. Ayach says that “every impact affects a lot” and therefore “businesses are at risk”. “We also have to keep in mind that this is a problem that is not new but has been around for a long time,” he added. All of this has led the employers’ organization to see an increase in the prices of the services it offers as the most immediate solution.

“We are part of a chain. We see how our customers have to increase the cost of their products due to energy prices and we are forced to do the same when fuel prices rise. We cannot work without petrol,” emphasizes Ayach.

Asetrans strives to reach agreements and talk to all stakeholders involved so that the products reach their destination with the lowest possible markup, but with the certainty that “the businesses are viable”. “If this increase has to be borne by companies, it’s impossible,” he concluded.

Asetrans does not support the strike
Ayach has pointed out that the employers’ association does not support the strike called for next Monday. However, the vice chairman of Asetrans has stressed that they understand the reasons that led them to this strike and hopes that the central government will take the appropriate measures so that “they can achieve as much normalcy as possible”.

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