A spectator of the Dakar-2019 had the broken femur after being hit by a racing truck, whose driver was excluded, announced Friday the organizers of the famous rally-raid, which runs until January 17 in Peru.

At kilometer 279 of the stage, "a spectator of 60 years native of South Africa located outside a spectator area was hit by competitor 518 (Andrey Karginov) who was excluded from the rally by the jury of the commissioners for non-assistance to person in danger ", wrote the organizers in a statement.

A former winner

Karginov, a 42-year-old Russian rider who won the rally in 2014 with his truck, was second in the overall standings before his exclusion.

Impacted South African suffers fracture of a femur and was airlifted to the hospital in Arequipa (south), the second largest city in the country, they said.

"The organization of the rally and the local authorities reiterate that it is imperative for the public to respect the secure spectator areas set up jointly by the Peruvian organization and law enforcement agencies," the statement said.


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