Dallas Cowboys fan smashes TV screen after loss

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Agencies / The Voice of Michoacán

a fan of Dallas Cowboys He couldn’t tolerate his team’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional playoff game, so he stood up and smashed the screen on which he was watching the game with a punch.

It was the TikTok user @ victorledezma21 who shared a couple of videos in which you can see, from different angles, the moment in which the subject became enraged after Dak Prescott’s decision on the last play that cost the Cowboys the game. .

Then he stood up and gave the screen a blow, with which it broke down, then he took it with both hands and kneed it, to finally drop it. The people around him reacted with amusement and amazement.

But the tantrum of the subject, who was wearing a quarterback jersey, did not end there, as he began to scream, enraged and ripped off a Dallas decoration in the shape of a football that was taped to the wall.

Finally, the fanatic took his phone and left that room where several people were conversing, one of them, a woman, who mockingly told the others: “Get out of my roast beef!” that several media outlets reported that the incident had occurred in Nuevo León, however, the publications did not mention the site.

The post generated comments like: “red flag right there. They would have removed it. Did he do that in front of the kids?”, “what a poor way to show your kids how to act embarrassing”, “if this is real, it’s super embarrassing and toxic. People who laugh accepting behavior are also embarrassing”, “grow up, it’s just a football game”.

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The Dallas Cowboys is one of the NFL teams with a large number of fans, in addition to having five Super Bowl rings, however, it has been a long time since they last won it in 1996, in the Super Bowl. Bowl XXX, so this defeat caused pain to his fans, who staged other violent acts.

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