Saturday, November 3, 2018, TF1 viewers still had a rendezvous with Danse with the stars 9. For this new bonus, Pamela Anderson, Jeanfi Janssens, Heloise Martin, Iris Mittenaere, Clément Remiens and Terence Telle were still in the running to try to win the title of best dancer of this edition. So what happened on Saturday?

Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot
The mannequin, who faced face to face last week, this week must fly to the jury and the public. In order to offer an impeccable performance this Saturday, Terence and his friend Fauve have chained rehearsals and especially worn for the test called "best worn" organized at the end of the show. A challenge of size, especially for our Fawn who is often projected fairly high as his partner is great. Meanwhile, it's a jazz broadway choreography that the handsome young man has learned with his talented partner.
Unfortunately, because of a fall of Fawn on his cervical … Terence Telle can not dance tonight. He gets a fixed price … If he does not recover before the next premium (which will be offered on Thursday exceptionally), he will be eliminated.
Jeanfi Janssens and Marie Denigot
If the comedian knows that he is not the darling of the judges, he can count on the support of many viewers acquired to his cause. Motivated, Jeanfi does not loose anything and continues the rehearsals to improve and earn his place in the competition while very good dancers have already been eliminated. In order for his partner and the public to learn a little more about him, Jeanfi introduced Marie Denigot to the place where he grew up, where he went to school. There, after seeing his French teacher, he learned that he was going to propose a Charlestone this Saturday.
Once on the dance floor, Jeanfi already shines with his black and blue cowboy outfit. When the Cotton Eyed Jo music starts, the public is delirious and supports the comedian. The litters are successful, the service could be more dynamic but the whole is well made. Chris Marques liked it even though he recognizes that the technique was not perfect.
Patrick Dupond: 8/10
Shy'm: 7/10
Chris Marques: 5/10
Jean-Marc: 6/10
Total: 26
Pamela Anderson and Maxime Dereymez
The actress, model and activist wants to prove that she deserved to leave with her first 10 (awarded by Shy'm) last week. This week, after visiting Grenoble to learn more about the childhood of her partner Maxime Dereymez, the Canadian actress revealed by Alert to Malibu has worked a rumba that she hopes the most sensual possible.
Once on the dance floor, it's on Joe Cocker's You Can Leave Your Hat On that the star launches. In a sexy atmosphere, the duo chases their steps with a beautiful intensity. The choreography even takes the two dancers on a bed in the middle of the track … It's hot! Maxime finishes the performance with the shirt open and Pamela, in undress, wrapped in a duvet. Shy'm and Jean-Marc Généreux liked the artistic side but regretted an improvable technique.
Patrick Dupond: 10/10
Shy'm: 8/10
Chris Brands: 7/10
Jean-Marc: 8/10
Total: 33
Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette
The former Miss France and Miss Universe, more and more comfortable on the floor, this week must dance on the people of the North. It was after a trip to her home region, accompanied by Anthony Colette, that the former beauty queen accepted the mission as she returned to the restaurant where she began working as a teenager. "It is with pleasure that I will dance on the people of the North, it will be a little my way to tell you all thank you," she said in front of her supporters gathered around her.
Once on the dance floor, Iris appears resplendent in a long sparkling pink dress. She launches into a moving rumba … Her gestures are delicate and the complicity with Anthony is obvious. The painting ends in a warm interior, populated by "northerners". Shy'm regrets a delivery too wise, Jean-Marc Généreux and Patrick Dupont adore … "It is of an impeccable precision", coward this last one.
Patrick Dupond: 9/10
Shy'm: 8/10
Chris Brands: 7/10
Jean-Marc: 9/10
Total: 33
Clement Remiens and Denitsa Ikonomova
At only 21 years old, Clément is one of the favorites of the edition … if it is the choucou of the public. It must be said that by teaming with Denitsa – who has won the contest three times! -, the comedian has every chance to win at the end of the competition. This week, after a stay in Maubeuge where he grew up with Denitsa, Clement learned he would have to dance a quickstep on The Dance of Joy (La La Land). He accepts the challenge with joy, eager to make all his supporters proud.
Once on the dance floor, Clément Rémiens plays his arrival in Paris as if he were descending a train and joined Denitsa to start their energetic quickstep in a very musical atmosphere. This is a neat service that reap a standing ovation. Chris Marques and Patrick Dupont are very very excited, the star dancer even starts to dance as he is carried away by the euphoria.
Patrick Dupond: 9/10
Shy'm: 9/10
Chris Brands: 8/10
Jean-Marc: 8/10
Total: 34
Héloïse Martin and Christophe Licata
The young actress, who quietly traces her way in the competition, took advantage of this bonus "welcome home" to meet his friend Alexander (the director of Tamara) and his partner Christophe Licata. The actress, who made the trip to Brittany with her buddy, wanted to show where she came from before continuing the competition. After telling Christophe Licata that she considered him a bit like a member of his family, he feels more than ever motivated to offer the best foxtrot possible this Saturday.
Once on the dance floor, the duo begins their performance on the first notes of Tu es of my family of Jean-Jacques Goldman. Very beautiful in a long white dress, Heloise seems to float on the floor as the proposal is delicate. The worn are also very pretty. Jean-Marc Généreux found the performance "very very good" despite a lack of power in the legs.
Patrick Dupond: 9/10
Shy'm: 8/10
Chris Brands: 7/10
Jean-Marc: 8/10
Total: 32
Proof of the best worn
Candidates can earn 10 valuable points through this best-worn event. It is during a relay that the pairs show the jury what they are now capable of. Obviously, the pair who will succeed to stay on the stage the longest wins the most points … In this little game, Jeanfi gets 2 points, Heloise 4 points, Pamela Anderson 6 points, Iris Mittenaere 8 points and 10 points for Clement Remiens and Denitsa Ikonomova.
In the general classification, Clément is first with 44 points, Iris is second with 41 points, Pamela is third with 39 points, Héloise is fourth with 36 points and Jeanfi is 5th with 28 points.
Face to face
After the votes of the viewers it is Héloïse Martin and Jeanfi Janssens who compete on Djadja of Aya Nakamura.
Unfortunately, it is Jeanfi Janssens who is eliminated by the public with only 25% of the votes.


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