Cairo – By Mohamed Salah – Sunday, 4 November 2018 01:14 AM – Muscle strengthening, improved heart health, low body weight, and other health benefits due to regular exercise, but some spend more than two hours training hours , Causing a lot of health damage, which we recognize in the next lines, according to the site "telegraph"He said.

The intense physiological stress on the body can lead to bowel syndrome, a condition in which the lining of the bowel is weakened, leading to the transmission of bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream, according to research published in the Australian sports journal.

The toxic waste leakage is believed to be the main cause of multiple sclerosisMS) And chronic fatigue, and also plays a role in the incidence of many other diseases.


Exercising for a long time, especially running, causes irregular heartbeat, making the athlete more likely to have a heart attack.

Damage to over - sports

Weak immune system

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland during periods of physical stress, which stimulates the production of glucose in the liver and increases protein breakdown in the muscles.

Scientists have recently found that cortisol has negative effects that can outweigh its benefits, as high levels can cause immune system weakness.

Weak bones

Excessive exercise causes osteoporosis, as cortisol enters the bone, and when cortisol is in the bloodstream, more bone tissue is broken. This means that exercise addicts are prone to bone fractures and other damage such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Sports damage

How do you know that you have over-exercised?

Symptoms vary from person to person, and none of the symptoms necessarily indicate that you have exceeded training. The symptoms are:

– insomnia despite feeling tired.

Muscle pain.

– The inability to complete the exercises.

– Anorexia.

– Loss of libido.

– Swelling lymph nodes.

– Arrhythmia.

Sports Damage

Therefore, if the athlete feels one of the above symptoms, stop exercising immediately, until he recovers and recovery may take days, weeks or months.

As soon as the athlete feels better, he should start by focusing on general activities such as jogging or cycling before returning to heavy sports.

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