Damien Abad case: “He needs the arms of others”, a former caregiver testifies to his disability

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Accused of rape by two women, Damien Abad, the new Minister of Solidarity, is suffering from arthrogryposis. A former caregiver who accompanied the elected official for four years testified to his daily life and his physical abilities.

“I don’t question the words of these girls.” A former caregiver of Damien Abad testified for our colleagues from RMC of the impossibility for him to “do this alone”. Accused of rape by two women, the new Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People has suffered from arthrogryposis since birth.

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“He needs the arms of others”

This caregiver took care of Damien Abad on a daily basis when he was a member of the European Parliament. “I dressed him up and down because he was not able to do it. He needs the arms of others,” said the one who helped the chosen one for four years. “He can’t even button up a shirt, put on socks, lace up and put on his shoes. He can’t undo anything. Hold down a person, he can’t.”

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“It is impossible that he could have done this alone”, she explained to our colleagues while affirming not to question the accusations against Damien Abad. “Anyway, there’s no smoke without fire. But I’m not the only one who knows what he can or can’t do. And there’s no one behind him. I don’t understand .”

Help “for the shoelaces, for cutting the meat”

The Minister of Solidarity had already spoken about his daily life with arthrogryposis with our colleagues from Release in July 2020: “It’s a very rare disease. It can affect one limb, two or more: I had all four. I was lucky that it was a non-evolving form, and to be operated on early by a great teacher.” Damien Abad had confided that he could perform simple gestures on his own, such as sending a text message or opening a bottle of water. Regarding all daily tasks requiring “strength” he said he needed a functional assistant. “He helps me with clothes, shoelaces, to cut meat”.