Damm signs a green loan of 200 million with Sabadell, Caixabank, BBVA and Santander | Companies

The group Dust has signed a sustainable loan of 200 million with four financial entities, Sabadell, Caixabank, Santander and BBVA, being the first time it has signed a financing of these characteristics.

The company chaired by Demetrio Carceller Arce says that with this agreement it reinforces “its commitment to promoting projects that allow it to continue advancing in its fight to minimize the environmental impact of its activity.” These 200 million are linked to the achievement of some objectives in terms of sustainability. For example, the reduction in the weight of non-recoverable waste generated each year based on the hectoliters produced; or the increase in the production of green energy for self-consumption from the company’s production centers. According to this, Damm is the national brewer with the highest power generation capacity for self-consumption.

“The investments made in recent years have allowed the company to have solar installations for self-consumption in its factories and to promote an innovative project to generate electricity for self-consumption from the biogas generated during wastewater treatment”, says the business.

This will allocate the funds to finance “general corporate needs “and to reinforce its sustainability initiatives and projects. These form an important part of the strategic plan drawn up by the company until 2025, a period in which it aims to exceed 2,000 million in sales. In recent months, Damm has started to produce 100% de the packaging of its cans with biodegradable cardboard rings. And since this year it has been producing all the packs of cans without the decorated plastics that surround them, which has allowed it to reduce 99 tons of plastic per year.

Financing linked to sustainability objectives is not alien to beer groups. In February, Mahou San Miguel signed its first green loan with Banco Santander for a value of 13.8 million euros and with a maturity of six years.

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