Dan Crenshaw has the last laugh.

The former Navy SEAL was voted into the 2nd congressional district of Texas on Tuesday A much criticized joke of "Saturday Night Live" at the weekend.

Commenting on Crenshaw's appearance, comedian Pete Davidson compared the veterinarian who lost focus in 2012 to the IED explosion in Afghanistan with a "hitman in a pornographic movie" during the news-like "Weekend Update" Sketch. The joke was slammed on Twitter and criticized by Davidson's "SNL" co-star Kenan Thompson, the son of a Vietnamese veterinarian.

On the podium, Crenshaw recognized people from his team, including the man who persuaded him to race while mentioning the "SNL" moment.

"He's upset because the recent" Saturday Night Live "controversy has led me to have more Twitter followers than he ("), "Crenshaw broke out.

Later, Crenshaw noted that the Americans were "not a people breaking at the first sign of an offense," which caused the crowd to laugh.

In his speech, Crenshaw also commented on the pain and the reality of his injury and shared a message of unity.

"(When) my wife Tara got the call that I was seriously injured and maybe I would never see her again, she was not alone," he said. "Friends and teammates were with her, that life, that purpose, that American spirit we love, we're not alone, we're making it together."

After his speech, Crenshaw spoke directly about the incident "SNL".

Speaking to Ivory Hecker of Houston FOX 26, Crenshaw told him to let his followers know, "SEALs are not offended, that's just not what we do, it does not mean it's not offensive, but we need to stop To apologize and lay off people … let's just say that the comedy is actually funny, but let's be good people. "

Davidson's joke was hit by many on Twitter, including "View" co-host Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain. She called the piece "incredibly flat".

The comic has a similar, uncompromising approach to comedy when it comes to his personal life. He used his father's death in 9/11 and recently split it with Ariana Grande as feed.

He talked about the joy he had with the New York Times in 2015, when he disturbed people with his humor.

"I like doing that," he said. "I like creating things that are dark, awkward, weird things that you do not find funny."

Post: Cydney Henderson

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