Dance, music and theater return to the city’s social venues

Normality goes little by little recovering the space lost by the pandemic. With the improvement in the incidence of Covid, the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has decided to reopen its social premises and civic centers to which Dance, music, theater and many other activities are back for the enjoyment of the neighbors, but also loaded with solidarity and struggle. And is that these places They are much more than a point for recreation, they are also meeting and vindication. For this reason, many people have missed them after more than a year and a half without being able to step on them.

At social premises of El Batán the activity has returned to be frantic, to the point that many associations and groups have not found a place to carry out their missions. The president of the El Batán-San Roque neighborhood association, Ramón Montesinos, who coordinates this installation, acknowledges feeling saddened by not being able to grant that space to all the neighbors who ask for it “because I have no space or schedules”, but at the same time time is happy that joy and activity have returned. Currently, the theater group coexists in this place We The, the cultural association Canary Sunrise Rocíero, the folk group The Medianeros, a rope ensemble organized by several neighbors, the solidarity association Happy with noses and the platform for those affected by the mortgage.

In the large multipurpose room of the enclosure, the chords of the sevillanas flooded every corner with joy, while the lively conversations were reproduced between neighbors, many of whom had not seen each other in all this time. With artful hand movements and tapping, a large group of the 70 people who are in the flamenco group seemed not to have gone 18 months without rehearsing. Of all ages, young and old they enjoyed that feeling that they had left parked in a corner of their brain for so long. Movement in the local Happy with noses It was also a non-stop, since they were organizing all the products that, as a show of solidarity, residents of the Batán have been leaving to help La Palma and in the face of the Christmas campaign.

Pepa, María José and Ita are three of the most veteran of the Sevillanas group, and for many months they had not been able to unleash their passion. “It is a great joy to start over, because it is sorely missed,” says Pepa, while next to her María José replies that going to rehearsals “Helps to forget about problems”. And it is that this group, in which there are about 70 members, is like a big family, as Ita highlights, who defines it in a very endearing way: «It means companionship, it is a constant coexistence, rather than teaching a class. The director of the cultural association, Emilia Atencia, explains that they have carried out an «important» social work for almost two decades, uniting the environment in which they are found and contributing with solidarity initiatives such as collecting food and toys for Caritas or going to senior centers with their dance shows.

For many people it is a reunion with their neighbors after many months of absence

For its part, Queen Lights, director of the theater group We The, and another of the five members, Sariló Quintana, assure that, in addition to the desire to meet again to get back on the tables, the illusion lies above all because of the new projects they want to undertake and that the pandemic left halfway. The mission of this theatrical ensemble is to externalize the discomforts of the female gender and that women can identify with the stories they carry on stage, such as menopause, gender abuse or how they cope with aging, among many other topics. Most of the time with an acid and comic touch that seeks to raise awareness by having women themselves as protagonists. Reina Luces also indicates that, if today they rehearse in the social premises of El Batán, it is because it is one of the few that has been adapted to people with reduced mobility, since one of its members is in a wheelchair and puts the emphasis on this reality in the civic centers of the city.

The councilor for Citizen Participation in the capital, Priscus Navarro, noted that, until last week, around fifty activities had been authorized in the civic centers and social venues of the city since its reopening was authorized the previous Monday. Likewise, he explained that his tasks also include “encouraging associations to become more dynamic, have life” and encourage them to resume the activities they developed before the pandemic disrupted their lives. In that sense, he announced that this week he would hold a meeting with neighborhood groups from San Juan.

The enclosures are made available to society for their use upon request and authorization by the corresponding district, complying with the pertinent sanitary measures for it.

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Reopening of social premises and civic centers in the capital of Gran Canaria
Andres Cruz