Dance of councilors in Azuqueca: almost 40% of those who took office are no longer there –

Azuqueca has 21 councilors. In these three and a half years in office, 8 have changed their face or party

thin councilor leaves the plenary sessionThe last incident occurred in the plenary session of December where the councilor of Cs, Manuel Delgado, was expelled / Ayto Azuqueca

It is not strange that some councilor and even some mayor leave their post after having been elected after some elections, what is not usual is the dance that has taken place in Azuqueca in the present legislature. Of the 21 councilors elected by the residents, 14 remain, some have given way to the next on the list, others have even changed parties.

Non-member group

When the legislature began, the plenary session was made up of 11 councilors for the PSOE, 3 for the United Left, 3 for the PP, 2 for Vox and 2 for Cs. Now, PSOE, IU and Vox maintain the number of councilors, however, PP and Cs have seen the number of councilors reduced after the departure of Aure Hormaechea (formerly a spokesperson for the PP) and Manuel Delgado, formerly a councilor for Cs. azuqueca non-attached councilorsThe two non-attached councilors of Azuqueca. The first comes from the PP, the second from Cs.

about Aure Hormaechea to be expected after early December denounce the witch hunt to which she had been subjected. In the last municipal plenary session, held in December, she went from being a PP councilor to being a non-attached councilor, that is, she continues as a councilor but she is no longer in the PP.

What was not announced was the change of the also councilor of Cs, Manuel Delgado. The mayor, José Luis BLanco, reported in plenary session that the councilor had decided to renounce his minutes but later decided to go to the group of non-attached. charo martinez psoe azuquecaCharo Martín, councilor of the PSOE in the last plenary session / Ayto AzuquecaA change that was highly criticized by the socialist councilor Charo Martín who accused him of “want to live from politics” and? ended like the rosary of dawn with Delgado protesting, the mayor warning him that he was not speaking and with the affected councilor abandoning his councilor’s chair in a bad way and sitting in the public area while exchanging insults and shouting with the mayor and the team councilors of government. Among other things, they accused him of having offered himself to other parties, even the mayor assured that he offered himself to the PSOE “where are you going with the PSOE” he told him on several occasions. Finally, the councilor left the room at the same moment that he was expelled by the mayor that he recognized, after the show offered, “the degradation to which municipal politics has arrived”.

An inexplicable embarrassment that began after three full hours. You can see it here from minute 3:02:29

Changes from the start

It has been the end of a convulsive legislature that already began with changes. In it PP there were face changes before the legislature began. One of the elected candidates, Luis Núñez, resigned before taking office, being replaced by Manuel Corral, who formed a group with Aure Hormaechea and Javier Martin. Now Corral has become the new candidate for the May 2023 elections and Hormaechea has been left out of the party.

In September one of the members of the government team Gloria Sánchez del Moral (PSOE) he left his post. He was replaced by Juan Pablo Román Morales.

United Left The legislature began with María José Pérez Salazar (as spokesperson), Juan Carlos Bernal Delgado and María Isabel Martínez Cordón. Of the three, only the spokeswoman, María José Pérez, continues in the post, the other two councilors have been replaced by Edgar Fernández San José and Rodrigo Vasco.

Vox, with two councilors, has not been spared from the changes either. Only one month after the inauguration, Raúl Juarranz left the act of councilor. He was replaced by Davinia Silva Resa who accompanies the spokesman Javier Ortega in the group, a councilor who, according to reports in the government team, is seen little by the plenary sessions although her absences are due to “work reasons” as justified by his party partner Javier Ortega.

The diaspora in Cs

But without a doubt the group that has suffered the most changes and that is a faithful reflection of the problems that it drags on a national level is Cs.

With two elected councilors, it has changed faces on several occasions. Silvia de la Orden Rodríguez and Javier Sevilla Navarro were the two councilors elected, but neither of them is now on the council. Silvia de la Orden resigned in February 2020 being replaced by Manuel Delgado (who has now become a non-attached councilor). The other elected councilor was Javier Sevilla who left office in April 2021 to become a regional deputy for Guadalajara, replacing Alejandro Ruíz de Pedro. The position of Javier Sevilla is currently held by Miguel Díaz, who has become the only Cs councilor in this and, predictably, in future legislatures.

Hormaechea: “I’m leaving with my head held high. They have not arrested me nor do I have fines ”

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