"Dance with the stars" collapses on TF1 and goes under the 3 million mark and is even beaten by M6 and the bonus of "scenes of households"


Last night TF1 broadcast exceptionally the show "Dance with the stars", presented by Camille Combal, because of "NRJ Music Awards" to be held Saturday. At the end of the bonus, Azize Diabaté left the adventure. He was the youngest of the competition. He fails at the doors of the semifinal.

For its part, France 2 programmed a special issue of "Envoyé Spécial": "A world without meat?". France 3 proposed "War Horse".

Viewers could follow the documentary "Patagonia: the forgotten island" on France 5 and the tenth anniversary of the series "Scenes of households".

10 years of household scenes
17% market share

3,369,000 viewers

Dance with the stars
14.1% market share

2,931,000 viewers

Special Envoy – Special A world without meat?
9.4% of market share

1,918,000 viewers

War Horse
9.1% of market share

1,780,000 viewers

Taxi 2
5.2% of market share

1,042,000 viewers

3.8% market share

847,000 viewers

Rizzoli & Isles: autopsy of a murder
3.6% of market share

809,000 viewers

Patagonia: the forgotten island
3.6% of market share

775,000 viewers

NCIS: Los Angeles
3.5% market share

771,000 viewers

Balance your post
3.5% market share

753,000 viewers

I'm a legend
3.1% of market share

652,000 viewers

Belle and Sébastien
2.5% market share

524,000 viewers

Madame Doubtfire
2.6% of market share

513,000 viewers

Wheeler Dealers – Opportunities to seize
2.3% of market share

508,000 viewers

The Other Man
2.1% of market share

452,000 viewers

1.7% of market share

347,000 viewers

Extraordinary families
1.6% of market share

320,000 viewers

New York Criminal Section
1.3% market share

291,000 viewers

1.1% of market share

236,000 viewers

The top market share


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