“Dancing Stars” – Lilian Klebow danced with two broken ribs!

After a lot of excitement about Karina Sarkissova’s injury-related departure this week, the “Dancing Stars” went back to the ORF parquet on Friday. And because today will be the first expulsion, the dance celebrities really gave everything. Especially actress Lilian Klebow, who didn’t want to let two broken ribs get her down.

What a Dancing Stars week! After the first show last Friday, events really took off. Because of an old leg injury that had become acute again, Karina Sarkissova had to leave the show after her dance start last week on the advice of her doctor and with a heavy heart. The whole “Dancing Stars” family wished the ballerina “Get well soon!” on Friday. Missy May spontaneously jumped in for Sarkissova. In contrast to the other nine “Dancing Stars”, the lively blonde had “puppy protection” this Friday and, thanks to the wildcard, automatically got one round further. “I’m just beginning to realize it. And I thank you all for welcoming me so nicely,” May said at the beginning of the show, looking forward to her “Dancing Stars” adventure. Klebow danced with two broken ribs, but Lilian Klebow and Florian Gschaider made the start. They opened the ballroom with a cha cha cha to “Beggin’.” The actress revealed after the performance that she broke two ribs during training. Of course, that not only caused pain, but also one or the other problem with the choreography, admitted the “SOKO Donau” actress. Were you able to score points with the jury despite your injury? “Nice dancing, you two. Your technique and line are so beautiful. I was very impressed,” enthused Kim Duddy. Balázs Ekker also liked it “of course.” Nevertheless, he has a tip: “Power is nothing without control,” he said to Klebow. “I was really excited,” says Maria Angelini-Santner. “I want more and more and more.” The jury gave us 22 great points! Have fun on the floor with Michael Buchinger the Bright Side of Life” by Michael Buchinger and Herbert Stanonik. “I like that I feel like you don’t care what happens here,” laughed Maria Angelini-Santner. “But I still want to see quality.” But she is “mega-bock” to be able to see the influencer in the ballroom longer. “You can see that the technology is not really there. I want you to take technology seriously. Because there is a lot of potential, but there is still room for improvement,” Kim Duddy could only agree with her two jury colleagues. 15 jury points! Only one point for Eselböck despite “Fire” on the floor Eveline Eselböck and Peter Erlbeck swept across the floor with a jive to “Blinding Lights”. “Can we please state how sexy this outfit is,” said Maria Angelini-Santner of the restaurateur Rosen. But she missed the basics a little, but she saw “fire, passion and a pepper” on the floor. Her strength is “your personality and your power”, according to Kim Duddy. “It was just stress all the time,” Balázs Ekker criticized the professional choreography. He should have concentrated on the basic steps and not overwhelmed Eveline with too many turns and figures – and to everyone’s surprise gave only one point! “We need dancers, not clowns,” he quipped. Overall, the jury gave Eveline Eselböck 9 points. In Kamper “there is a ballroom dancer” “Your expression was very, very beautiful”, was Kim Duddy from Corinna Kamper’s Viennese waltz to “Everybody Hurts”, which she danced with Danilo Campisi , enthusiastic. Nevertheless, one should not see the effort of the dance in the face. “Danilo beamed, you were a little strenuous at the beginning,” Balázs Ekker also criticized the facial expression of the sports presenter There’s a ballroom dancer in you. I’m already looking forward to your next ballroom dances,” Maria Angelini-Santner was full of praise for the performance. The jury gave Corinna Kamper a great 24 points. What did the jury think of Hannes’ samba Kartnig and Catharina Malek? “I don’t know if that’s all you can do. But what I really admire is that I have the feeling that you give everything,” says Maria Angelini-Santner. “You’re a very charming one man in the 70s You must have been hot on the dance floor for years,” joked Kim Duddy. “I think there’s more in you, maybe you can show us more.” Balázs Ekker was a bit more critical. “Analyze his body behavior and try to find steps, then he’s definitely good,” he said with a wink. 16 points for the ex-soccer manager.Missy May “better than it should be in four days” Missy May celebrated her “Dancing Stars” debut with a rumba to “Sign Your Name”. “You are in the best hands,” Maria Angelini-Santner professional Dimitar Stefanin complimented himself. She is sure that the two will make a great couple with good performances. From next week she will therefore take a very close look. “We hope that you will stay longer than a week. I’m very happy that you’re here,” said Balázs Ekker. “It’s not even like it should be after four days, it’s even better than it should be after four days.” 19 points for the debut for the singer and presenter. Tango by Omar Khir Alanam was “just wow” Omar Khir Alanam and Kati Kallus, who had taken the fewest points from the opening show into the second show, danced a tango to “Dance Mephisto” on Friday evening. How did the jury find it this time? “A little more variation in facial expressions,” Kim Duddy wished. But admitted that he had made “great progress”. Balázs Ekker thought so too. “Anyone who saw that last week probably didn’t realize what you did today. You were almost a tango dancer.” Maria Angelini-Santner was also enthusiastic. “Today’s tango was just wow!” A good 19 points! Week after week, a “Dancing Star” has to leave the floor starting this Friday. The “Dancing Star 2023” will finally be chosen in the grand finale on May 12!