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Dancing with the Stars still wins the challenge of Saturday, Amici is now forced to chase

Yet another challenge between Dancing with the Stars and Friends and yet another head to head between the program of Milly Carlucci and that of Maria De Filippi. A comparison between the two programs that never like this year sees the two broadcasts contend for the scepter for a few handfuls of shares, practically paired with each other. For the second consecutive Saturday the Rai1 show keeps up with the competition in terms of average audience held in front of the small screen and share: in the initial segment "Tutti in piste", broadcast until 9.26 pm, it gathers 4.561.000 spectators equal at 20.24% share, while with the actual program, aired from 9.59 pm to 0.45 am, there are 4.040.000 spectators, equal to 22.71% of share.

"Friends 18" is thus forced to chase. The talent of De Filippi collects 3,939,000 spectators, equal to 21.7% of share (1,807,000 and 25.68% of share in the goodnight segment, broadcast in the 18 minutes following the end of the program, finished at 1.01). Result that confirms the trend of the previous week, when Carlucci had surpassed the competing program by a hair. The results of this week's challenge will certainly have been influenced by the presence of Mara Venier in "Dancing with the Stars" as a dancer for one night, given the enormous popularity of the "Domenica In" host among the Rai public.

The other networks

To the other generalist networks there remains a rather narrow slice to be shared. On Rai2 the series in absolute TV first "The Rookie" involves 1,173,000 spectators, equal to 5.2% of share (first episode: 4.84%, second episode: 5.46%). On Italy 1 "Robinson Crusoe " stops at 883,000 spectators (4%). "Sapiens " the Mario Tozzi program broadcast on Rai3, marks 1,153,000 spectators with 5.66%. On Rete4 the classic "I'm with the hippos" totaling 970,000 spectators with a 4.69% share. On La7 "Special Atlantis", with Andrea Purgatori, he registered 486,000 spectators with a share of 2.74% (Speech by Andrea Purgatori of 16 minutes at the opening: 496.000 – 21.4%). On TV8 In the Heart of the Storm reaches 442,000 spectators with a 2% share. Finally on the Nine "Angel Eyes – Eyes of an Angel " manages to involve 330,000 spectators with 1.5%.


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