Dangerous for humans: a sick pigeon was found in Irkutsk


On the 8th of May this year in Irkutsk a carcass of a bird was found, it was sent to the FGBU “Irkutsk MVL” to conduct laboratory studies for the presence of diseases.
Exactly a week later, the results became known, the experts found the presence of chlamydia DNA (Chlamydiacta) – causative agents of ornithosis.
Ornithozoonotic disease, but can be transmitted to humans. The disease occurs in the form of an acute infection with symptoms of intoxication and respiratory damage.
Birds that have fallen ill with ornithosis sit ruffled, feathers are ruffled, wings are lowered, sleepy, from the nasal passages and internal corners of the eye serous-mucous fluid flows. In this case, the sick bird secretes a lot of chlamydia (virus) with feces. It is specified that the virus can persist in dry litter for many months.
Employees of the veterinary service after the virus was found in the bird found, disinfected the territory where it was found. Accurate information on the place – is unknown.


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