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When 17-year-old Célène (Paola Locatelli) is moving from Paris to Biarritz, a coastal commune in southwest southern France, it’s a whole new world for her that she’s yet to adjust to. Especially since she is rather reserved by nature, preferring to read old books than throwing herself into party life. The romantic quickly takes a liking to the stunning surfer Tristan (Simon Rerolle), who takes care of her and awakens great feelings in her. However, the dream of great love has a catch: In truth, the nasty Vanessa (Ella Pellegrini) behind everything, which reigns supreme at school and on social media, and who has made a bet with Tristan…

Restart with a classic

Sometimes it takes a little longer to find your calling. So tried Rachel Switzerland many years to gain a foothold as an actress in the film business, for example played in Public Enemy No. 1 – Todestrieb With. However, a real career never came of it. It’s been ten years since her last role – and it didn’t even have a name. For that she gives with the Netflix-Film Dangerous romances now making her debut as a director, also co-wrote the screenplay. Apparently, however, she shied away from the risk, which is why she does not tell her own story. Instead, she snaps up the classic novel of the same name Choderlos de Laclos, which caused a more vigorous scandal in 1782. After all, at the time, moral abysses were rarely discussed in such an uninhibited manner.

Even those who should not have read this novel had numerous opportunities to learn about the story. It has been adapted many times, be it for cinema, television or the stage. The Hollywood adaptation of the same name from 1988, which attracted various international stars and was in the running for seven Oscars, was particularly well known. However, while the historical setting of the original was taken up there, the French production tries its hand at it Dangerous romances in a contemporary version. But that’s not really new either. Others have tried to put the story in the respective time. Cold Angels did this so successfully in 1999, for example, that two more films were made.

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Despondent and interchangeable

This is not to be expected with this version. For one thing, there are no stars here with whom you could lure an audience in front of the television. Above all, the ideas that would make another hit probable are missing. Of course, in the two decades since Cold Angels done some more. But simply being satisfied with somehow squeezing in Instagram or social media is not exactly an expression of the greatest creativity. The longing for popularity that Dangerous romances goes along with it doesn’t have that much to do with what de Laclos was talking about at the time. The more social component that the novel and earlier adaptations had was sacrificed to an ordinary teenage romance. At best, the commitment to more diversity stands out.

at all is Dangerous romances Despite the title, it’s a shockingly harmless affair. Along with the reduction in the age of the characters, the game has been significantly toned down and simplified. The heavily sexual component of the story has been compressed. Instead, there is a lot of interchangeable music and finally a hefty portion of kitsch. Where you were allowed to lose faith in humanity in the original, you may at best lose faith in the individual here: The French love drama is ultimately irrelevant disposable goods, as you find them far too often in this segment. It doesn’t even have the charm of The first look, the last kiss and everything in betweenwhich has gone online the days.

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