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Dangerous products could flood after Brexit in the UK, warns Which? | politics

After Brexit, dangerous cars, electrical appliances and toys could be pouring into the UK if the government did not "crack down" on the current security insurance system, a consumer group warned Monday.

Which? says that the public will be vulnerable to delays in detecting and handling unsafe products unless ongoing access to the European Security Gate System is negotiated.

The new analysis shows that the system, in which 31 European countries draw attention to products with serious security problems, issued 34% more notifications in 2018 than it did a decade ago.

Recent warnings have included toxic children's putty that could damage adolescent reproductive systems and clothing that poses a risk of strangulation.

Callback notices have also been released for HP branded laptop batteries, explosive Honda airbags, and a flammable Star Wars Stormtrooper outfit for kids.

Last year 2,064 dangerous non-food products were reported – 500 more than in 2008, when it was 1,542. Part of the increase may be due to better government reporting, but the increase underlines the extent of unsafe products that need to be addressed. said.

Measures include recalls, warnings or confiscation of products at the border – all depending on increasingly used trade standards by local authorities.

"With more products than ever before proven unsafe, it's clear that an already failing consumer protection enforcement system needs a major overhaul to ensure that people are not endangered by dangerous products in their homes," said Caroline Normand. the. Advocate.

"When it comes to making people's safety a top priority, after Brexit the government needs to ensure access to European alert and information exchange systems and launch comprehensive domestic reforms to ensure that consumers are adequately protected from unsafe products . "

In 2018, toys and vehicles were the product categories with the highest number of safety notices (655 and 419, respectively), both of which increased significantly over a 10-year period.

Martyn Allen, technical director of Electrical Safety First, said after Brexit, "If no agreement is reached between all participating Member States, Britain can be disconnected from Safety Gate.

"For consumers, the best way to protect themselves against faulty products is to register the manufacturer's electrical appliances."



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