Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Daniel Rabachou l’honor during the vows


on Wednesday 10 January, in a room of the Quintaine decorated by the technical services of the city, many Chasseneuillais were found for the wishes of the mayor. This last, Claude Eidelstein, thanked the representatives of the associations and the municipal services are working to animate and improve the lives of Chasseneuillais. Then the mayor explained briefly the implications of the law Our and the passage in the urban community that induces the transfer of powers road, now directly supported by Grand Poitiers. Two people technical services, Véronique Bosseboeuf and Frédéric Grégoire, were transferred from Grand Poitiers, in order to constitute a new group of territorial agents. Norbert Souil arrived as a technical service manager.

The projects of the year

the work of The mill Anguitard is expected to start in October for delivery at the beginning of the year 2020. For the sector of the school in Great Bridge, a work that has been started between the municipality, the region and a private developer can expect the realization of an eco district in the near future. The development of the roads of the town center will begin in the spring for the refurbishment of water networks and sanitation 60 years old by Grand Poitiers, the burial of electrical networks and finally the introduction of pedestrian routes, secure incorporating an aspect-vegetated. The junction between the D910 and the rue du Gue Sourdeau will be set up for more security. The building of the former tobacco bar, bought by the municipality will be demolished to leave place to a crossroads with traffic lights, expanded with a better visibility. Finally, two developments are planned in the kindergarten: the first, already underway, is the relocation of the library in the next house to deliver to the small dorm room more great. A project of work to improve access and the internal organization of the school will be submitted at the next school board for implementation in the summer of 2018.
Then Mr. Eidelstein was awarded the medal of honor Regional, Departmental and communal Daniel Rabachou, who works in the service cleanliness of the municipality for the past 25 years.

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