Daniel Villafañe, in depth: the very hard moments that the gold lived in the South American Games

Villafañe, ring champion in Asunción 2022, acknowledged that at the beginning of the year he had a lot of stress and panic attacks. In addition, he spoke about the pressure to get a result and the change of role in the team since Cocha 2018.

The artistic gymnastics Argentina got its first gold medal in the South American Games Asunción 2022 from the hand of Daniel Villafanewho was left with the proof of rings and could not contain his excitement as he stepped onto the podium. Before the award ceremony, in dialogue with tycsports.comrecounted a hard moment that he lived this year: “I had a really bad time.”

From Cochabamba 2018 to Asunción 2022: the change of role in the team

One of the postcards left by Argentine gymnastics at the South American Games that took place four years ago in Cochabamba was the baptism for three members of the team: Daniel Villafañe, Julián Jato and Santiago Mayol.

“Those Games were my first Odesur, with a very different team in the sense that the gymnastics team is six: three were Federico Molinari, Osvaldo Martínez and Nicolás Córdoba, and the other three are the greats of the team today”expresses Villafañe when remembering that moment in Bolivia.

Ring gilding ensures that “The team made a kind of hinge, those of us who were small are now the big ones, we have to take the team forward, where we have the responsibility to do it well. So, in four years it changed: now we have the responsibility”.

Villafañe, meanwhile, affirms that they spentfour years of a lot of growth, I see the Daniel of 2018 and I would have to introduce myself again.”

Photo Cocha 2018: COA Press.

Villafañe Jato Mayol Cocha 2018

A gilthead that arrives after a very difficult year for Villafañe

In these four years that have passed since his baptism in Cochabamba, Daniel recognizes that “Many things happened, on a personal level, on a sporting level… Sport teaches you a lot, it brings out the best in you but sometimes it also brings out the worst. That is where the construction of the person I was talking about before is, and the support of the coach, the family and the work group, which sustains you. It’s a very tough sport, it brings out the best but also brings out the worst.”

-Did you have difficult moments?

I went through very hard times, a lot of stress, at the beginning of the year he had panic attacks, anxiety, I had a very bad time. I get sick now if I think about it. Closing the year in this way… I really need a break, I’m very stressed, super happy at the same time, but Argentine sport, the road in Argentine sport is a hard road. There is the support we can have, we understand, but a little more would be nice.

-What led you to this situation you went through?

– There is a reality, they give us financial support if we have results. If we don’t have results, they put up with us anyway, it’s not that they take it away from us right away, but one already begins to run with the pressure that they take away your financial support. And what sustains my lifestyle is that financial support. You go to compete knowing that if you fail and don’t get a medal, you are in danger.. And one’s life would change drastically. My life is directed towards gymnastics. And, furthermore, sport itself is stressful, beyond the financial support, which we still have.

Argentina has to compete on the continent against a giant like Brazil and Villafañe analyzed it: “It is a world power in many sports, gymnastics is no exception. They have very good preparation and a lot of state support. Brazil is Brazil, it is a power. Gymnastics already has its pressure and added to what I mentioned earlier.

Ported photo: Argentine Olympic Committee (COA)

The emotion of Daniel Villafañe in the South American Games


The emotion of Daniel Villafañe in the South American Games

Villafañe’s award after his gold medal in Asunción

“I am very happy”highlighted the Argentine gymnast when asked about the importance of this gold medal after what he had to go through, and he will give himself a treat…

“I think I’m going to go eat something delicious to relax. I am very sweet, I really like donuts, I really like chocolate”. And he well deserved his award.

Daniel Villafañe Asunción 2022 South American Games

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