Daniela Katzenberger angry: “Leave my daughter out of the game”


Daniela Katzenberger is actually for everyone to have fun. But there is one topic where the sweet kitten becomes a lioness: when someone turns against their daughter, Dani pulls out the claws.

“You can write anything about me that I’m fat, ugly, not the brightest candle on the cake, pregnant for the thousandth time that year, separate or anything, but leave my little daughter out of the game,” wrote the 31st Year-olds via Instagram.

Why is?

Obviously, the blonde is angry. It’s about reports that suggest that little Sophia has no friends. Daniela Katzenberger explains: “Although I have said it several times, but I like to say it a few more times: My daughter has friends, goes to the kindergarten like a normal child, visits playgrounds and children’s birthday parties, but it goes without saying that I do not post strangers on Instagram or Facebook. ” Your explanation is clear.

Some time later, the election Mallorcan apparently feels compelled to put a proof photo online. It shows her daughter Sophia playing with another little girl. The two children look happy.

Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis live together in Mallorca. In August, her daughter Sophia Cordalis was born. In October, the couple gave the yes. The wedding was accompanied by numerous cameras and the presenter duo Giovanni and Jana Ina Zarrella.


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