That stars and starlets via social media are actually constantly under surveillance, also knows Daniela Katzenberger , 31. The TV blonde has to deal regularly with criticism and nasty comments. Now the cat explained how she thinks about shitstorms, hater and co.

Daniela Katzenberger makes an announcement to her haters
Daniela Katzenberger is probably what you mean under one Star to touch understands. The 31-year-old regularly shares pictures and videos from her private life with her fans – and at least as often, the popular blonde must also for quite ordinary things justify.
Whether it is the upbringing of daughter Sophia, 2, her appearance or the Relationship with husband Lucas Cordalis, 50, goes – Daniela’s followers always find a reason to criticize her ,
The cat really thinks about shitstorms and co.
The fact that the constant justifications can be quite exhausting, is probably self-explanatory. A follower asked the cat under a recent photo now, as it is with the constant critics – and the promptly revealed what they really over Shitstorms and Co. thinks:
So, if you ask so … A shitstorm is more exhausting and besides I often make a little joke of it, everything is so wild,

so the answer of the 31-year-olds.
The cat responds so swiftly
Said and done. In her current story she did Hatern and critics now again an announcement , The reason: Daniela Katzenberger shared on her official account a photo with daughter Sophia at breakfast:

Yes, we have breakfast outside, my child drinks cocoa, which contains sugar, my hairline is actually dyed, an ashtray is on the table and that, although we both do not smoke, my fingernails are always red and very long and yes, me handle even my everyday life (without injuring someone mind you), so lead my household even … I’ve probably forgot some things again, but hey, they’re sure to find some of you too , Please carry on, that ensures me every evening my evening reading,

so the quick reply of the 31-year-olds.

© Instagram / Daniela Katzenberger
This should have the cat their haters first time the wind out of the sails. But it will probably not be long before a new reason is found …
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